Teach first aid and CPR in all schools

All schools should teach basic first aid and CPR so that over time all people will know how to provide aid and save the lives of others. Life should not be lost where it can be saved.



  • Totally agree, we should all learn first aid about every other year as a standard curriculum. Maybe every four years or every three years, whatever can be negotiated, but totally agree.

  • Good idea. These items should be taught in place of some of the current social studies.

  • AGREE...

  • agree

  • totally agree

  • Definitely. Just the basics so that anyone could make a start on helping someone before paramedics arrived.

  • I did an optional course on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation at high school. At the time I felt it ought to be mandatory, and still do. It takes a couple of hours, and is well worth the knowledge of how to handle some life-threatening emergency situations.

  • I also believe this is something people should know, every employer requires a "Designated First-Aid Person" so why not have it as a life skill. This would allow you to help out someone on the street or at work before Emergency Services turn up. Such a good Idea!

  • Great idea !

  • and it should be repeated on each education level

  • Agree completely.

  • As a paramedic and CPR instructor, I wholeheartedly agree. Kids as young as 3rd grade can be taught in a matter of a few hours. This should be a part of every science curriculum!

  • Good idea

  • Children should ALWAYS be taught First Aid courses, starting in the very early years, then reviewing each year until all people know everything there is about caring for somebody in physical harms way.

  • yes!

  • Funding research into improving upon what we already know about first aid and CPR. The rules about the frequency of breaths to heath palpitations changes from time to time. Let's figure out what is best!

  • I know my high school did have a semester on CPR and basic first aid techniques but it was only for a brief period of time in either a required health class or P.E. segment and they did offer an allied health elective course... but I do like the idea of refreshing your lessons every year or every other year. I think it should be a prerequisite for graduation.

  • I agree! I also feel that classes taken to learn CPR && First Aid should have no charge! Everyone should be able to have this knowledge for free!

  • I agree

  • CPR courses shouldn't be paid for it should be a mandatory form of learning in all health classes by high school.

  • Agree!

  • Absolute necessity. just as is breathing

  • i agree

  • I object because the parents can teach it to theyr kids... let the teacher teach something the parents can't.

  • I dont agree.... Kids have parents, and if parents are waiting that theyr son/daughter will learn everything from third-party teacher or schools or whatever, they won't teach nothing to theyr childrens.

    Matters so basic like this and other things should be covered by parents, let the teachers teach something the parents can't.

  • Parts of first aid cannot be done by a child for an adult. However, some of the basics, as they can be done for that age and body size, should be taught. Increase the knowledge in the same way things like math and sciences are taught. Bit by bit, introduce new concepts and techniques.

    But start with how to dial 911, and how to figure out the address of where they are. Sometimes THAT little bit is the life saver!

    I learned CPR (including infant CPR) in High school. I hope to one day afford to re-certify. It has saved both my son, my daughter, my step daughter and other kids lives. I learned to respond rather then react. THAT is vital especially for a freaked out parent.

  • This is one of the most useful life skills a child could have. Many lives would be saved. It's a no-brainer.

  • It is very import to teach all pupil and students First Aid and CPR to let them save life wherever anything can happen to them

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