Equal playing fields for farmers in Australia

When we import vegetables from Asia, Australian growers are often at a disadvantage because of the lack of overheads some countries have in relation to things like paying super to employees, work cover payments and cheaper wages. How can Australian farmers compete with imports when there's not a level playing field?



  • It's ridiculous for any country to encourage food imports when it can be grown locally. For reasons of health, long term costs, sustainability and environment. Giant food corps are fast becoming a global problem.

  • Kind of an australian only concern. this is a global forum. however i think there ar relevant ideas being discussed under the general topic of fair trade.

  • If this can be rectified in Australia it would be a huge step towards locally subsidized biz for the world! Once again it's an issue of Gov't prioritizing big biz over smaller, local ones w/ the subsidies they receive, legislation that practically allows for modern day slavery, tax breaks, etc...

  • This is not just an Austrailian issue. Canadian farmers face the same problem.

  • Fresh food fruit and vegetables } are part of a push it seems by large retail groups to exploit our producers, this also has a major impact on the dairy industry which have seen major brands being replaced with store brands at a much lower price . The result is closure of factories with loss of jobs

  • I object because weather,cost of liveing,gass prices,agricultureal practices, differ in every part of the word. this is good.

  • grow so much of everything that its all basicaly free. suply/demand grow so many potatoes for instance that their free/or cloce too

  • I object because this is a global problem everywhere and Australia is just part of the problem. I sympathize however. I think it would be a good Idea if the POW used Australia as a part of the problems about the global Farming industry. Possibly the answer being suggesting the need for supporting home grown products. This problem is supermarket related and really needs governments giving incentives to the supermarkets to sell local agricultural products?

  • I object because it's not the Australians that are at a disadvantage!!!
    The fact is that it is cheaper for the Australian CONSUMER to buy vegetable from Asia, as the farmers in poorer Asian countries are paid pennies for their crops while Australian farmers are heavily subsidised, and thereby paid a lot more for their crops!

    Equal out the playing field by paying the same amount of money for the crop of a farmer in Cambodia as you would pay a farmer in Australia!
    Only then can we see an equal playing field!

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