Global Science community: an idea for improving "good" science

Someone posted an idea about "good VS bad" science. I think this is very important. But that post lacked, in my opinion, real solutions. I propose that we make an NGO or a government-sponsored International Community of Scientist, to make an open, independent, non-linked to companies, and more efficient sciences community. For instance, the Health Sciences (and the Health services in general) are deeply harmed by the influence of Pharmaceutical Companies and other corporative interests. A non-profit Pharmaceutical research center would be very helpful, and it could invest in non-addictive, natural, eco-friendly drugs, in diseases prevention (that is not a goal of Health Industry, given that they profit from diseases) and such. This Community could have a Website, where part of the Science could be made by volunteers around the globe, and specialists hired by the Community would evaluate these volunteer research and make their own researches as well. Other areas besides Health that would be strategical, urgent, good for everyone: Environment and Energy, Transportation, Peace Studies.



  • I agree. Similar to medicines sans frontiers. Could build it's own liquid fluoride thorium reactor ( see idea in energy) rather than people waiting for governments. Seriously. Governments have their next election in their own country to worry about. Scientists look at long term interests of humanity and should not all be tied to governments or big business.

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  • You seem to be unaware that most scientists not researching specific products or services are already not associated with businesses.

    Indeed, they're associated with government and special interest funding.

    it's why the popular opinion amongst scientific communities won't tolerate scientists and studies that oppose the leftwing opinion, because their funding demands that their research support the left wing opinion, or risk losing it.

    You seem to lack a fundamental understanding of how our research is paid for regarding the more controversial issues in our society.

    You can't have fair and accurate science by cutting out business funding and not cut out public funding. You have to cut out both or neither because either way, from government or business, research becomes biased towards what will maintain funding.

  • Well, my dear "Gerals" yes, I'm aware, and I completely agree with your concern (although it sounded a little unnecessary harsh to assume "I'm not aware" - sorry, but I'm a little tired of Internet discussions where people start accusing each other of not knowing things). The thing is: business biases science, governments biases science, the own scientific institutions are biased towards publication, methodological issues (related to this publication bias - journals prefer to publish only studies that says X is correlated to Y even though we are using methods that statisticians are increasingly opposing, null findings are not published), as well as other kinds of bias (sometimes related to governments, interest groups and/or businesses). The thing is, how do we solve that? I know my proposition above is far from perfect or complete (if it was, I should win at least a Nobel Prize, for I would be solving one of the biggest issues the world faces today, one that would help us solving many other issues from Health to Environment). But I did propose we create a "independent, open" science community. Which would be merely a website. Okay, government funding, which is one of my propositions above, might be a problem. We can drop that off . But it would require some funding (or voluntary work from IT professionals, etc. like this website). And I believe more important than "who is funding" would be to guarantee a lot of transparency and democracy in this website: people replicating studies, inserting data, checking data, anyway, having everything they do (including their profiles and who they work for besides being scientists, who are they linked to, etc.) it might work properly. even if it was funded (but not controlled) by governments, it might work properly. In fact, it is a simple thing I am proposing right now, since we already have places to post data and scientific things, like GitHub. That would be only a place to organize and EVALUATE scientific ideas, studies, etc., just like Global Democracy aims to organize ideas to help the world.

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