Free Trade

A global Free Trade Zone, coupled with a more efficient and fluid passport system to allow for the easier movement of people and goods. This would require a monitoring authority for the tracking of dangerous persons such as criminals and terrorists, however when combined to a more efficient global police and tracking force for the prevention of terrorism.

The biggest hurdles I see would be cost, though that could come out of the UN's exorbitant budget, and national pride. Not many nation's are willing to give away any amount of their own autonomy to a supranational agency, thus resistance to this would have to be overcome.



  • I object because no country wants to lose its identity. People are instinctively xenophobic. In all democracies, the way to win votes is to slam foreigners.

  • Definitely potential! Contrary to the first comment on your idea, I think this is something that should be explored. More and more by the day, this world is becoming a 'global village'. While this in it self is creating a lot of problems, if we turn it into a positive thing it may help us too. The internet and social media have connected us in ways never before imagined, but the physical aspects still remain for which easier movement of people and goods (as long as the dangers are mitigated) can without a doubt pay off in the end.

  • I agree with this as well. It would be extremely beneficial on a global level if we broke the barriers of trade and made it more efficient. Although the initial costs would be great, it would proivde a long term positive solution both economically and socially.

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