National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The American bill signed into law on December 31, 2011 known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) grants US officials, most notably military police, the right to arrest and detain citizens of any nation without charge, conviction, or a phone call home. Suspension of rights is virtually complete and by law allowed no time limit. I propose that anyone who believes in ending this law before it becomes a more serious threat than it already has, call now for it to be ended (which, so far, the only candidate for US President to object is the almost-out-of-the-running Ron Paul, the Senate and House voted overwhelmingly in favor, President Obama signed the bill instead of vetoing it, and there is no protest in the media or anywhere else to speak of.) If you are interested in networking with me on this issue, please say so; I am willing to give out my email. NDAA must be amended or struck down (it was a defense bill) before the US, wherefrom I hail, takes on more power internationally than it did under Bush, and with laws in place to allow it to continue. The road ahead could be horrible, or it could be put back where it needs to be now. This is an international issue, because the militaristic powers given can be applied against any citizen of any country, on suspicion of terrorism, no charge to that effect being needed; and the US has military bases all over the world, as well one of the top most powerful armed services in any category in the world today.



  • They should not have the right to do that in my opinion

  • No one has the right to detain any citizen without due process. Shame on the USA for passing such palliative legislation.

  • I will add here that if you are a foreign citizen or if you live in the United States, either way it would help if you contacted a US senator or the White House: (White House) and (US Senate)

  • The NDAA only goes to further stifle our Constitutional Rights without the approval of the Americans, just as the Patriot Act was adopted WITHOUT public approval or vote just weeks after the events of 9/11. A mere 3 criminal charges of terrorism a year are attributed to this act, which is mainly used for no-knock raids leading to drug-related arrests without proper cause for search and seizure. The laws are simply a means to spy on our own citizens and to detain and torture dissidents without trial or a right to council. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at

    1) Visit which will direct you to the US White House and a link to contact the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Write a brief note, or a longer one if you have a lot to say, telling our President you personally are against NDAA.

  • 1) Call the Homeland Security Department at 202-282-8495, which is its comment line.

  • You can read their propaganda (which is some really thick stuff if you weren't following the news for the last 10 years) at

  • 3, etc) You can tell someone who shares the same ideological beliefs as you about the issue, and say you how you feel; you can try to incorporate a greater discussion among more of your friends and family. Talking motivates people, and the more it is done, the more people will rise up, and even you talking to people you know will make a difference. Imagine if no one did that... would there be any resistance? What resistance there is now is mostly talk; technically that's what we have, it's called a democracy. If you are not a US citizen, but you know someone from the US, let them know how you feel. In general, express yourself!

  • Do one of these, or all of them, and not for me: do them for the world. Do them because it is in you, because you can, because you can make a difference, because you can believe that you are capable of solving the problems of the world, and because you are right.

  • Contact your Senators and US Representative to inform them of your vote against NDAA.

  • This is A great idea by far. Even thou i do not live in US, i think this ndaa thing is scary.
    So basically if they consider u r a terrorist for protesting for ur rights u can b arrested .... .?? Crazy. Nice idea PeaceandRightsHawk.

  • Ok it certainly is a great idea to stop ndaa. But how ? I mean if half the US knew about this, i bet 100% of that half US wud agree to scrap the ndaa, but we wud still depend on good of the politicians. If the peoples decisions were to be taken as LAW, we wudnt hv that problem it think. Thats what i propose on my idea.

  • I object because that still doesnt solve the lack global fairness and demcray

  • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has britgehned my day!

  • I am toatlly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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