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Hi, personally what would make this site phenomenal for me is if it had a fully functional networking system: a messaging system specific to the site, a way of getting to know each other before exchanging emails/facebooks/ what-have-you, friends' lists, PM and modifiable chat system, including ability to create a room, as well a permanent room for every category. That may sound like a lot, but personally, the concept this site was made off of deserves that much. This may need to be a long term goal, as all that would take more admins, but I think it should definitely be a goal. Actually, given my general impression of site owner capabilities, I think GlobalDemocracy could start the bones of this relatively soon.

Also, a more dynamic ability to manipulate topics would be nice; say, with recurring themes, there could be a temporary sub- category, like for National Defense Authorization Act, which happens to be why I wound up on this site instead of looking to network more with psychiatric survivors about mental health civil rights (but I'll leave that for elsewhere), or gay rights, or, say, under business, a certain business; but tags and the ability to follow more specific strands of conversation more dynamically. Not a computer programmer, I'll leave figuring out how to make what I just described to the people who made this site; but if you agree, please take the time to support my comment and maybe leave a supportive comment of your own below.... I had a similar idea as this site, the People taking back turf from our increasingly encroaching international governments (well, national governments internationally), but I found this site, and seeing as I've found someone else who came up with my idea first, I want it to be everything it can be; and we need more capacity in general, is what I'm trying to say, for people to interact and network with each other, less of a focus on climbing ranks on this site and getting someone else to do social media work, and more on those who use it finding each other, like-minded people, and working together, more dynamically, I will use the word again.

By the way, I noticed in reading back that I listed quite a few different individual ideas; basically this post is arguing for advancement in this site along the lines of that kind of thinking, and I am asking for all of those ideas to be worked with. If you liked part of it but not all of it, hate to do that to you, but greater ability to interact with each other directly and follow specific ideas in general is what I'm asking for. If I find a thread I feel strongly about, I want to be able to send the woman/man who wrote it a message with my personal information; and I want that ability in place for someone else for me; and moreover I want to be able to follow each others' thinking for a while before offering out where to find me on the net/ in the world, other than here. I want to know who else is thinking about the topic I cared about, too, even if they post a month from now when I've stopped looking and I'm not on. Do you get what I'm getting at? Thank you for reading.



  • I´ve posted an Idea that has the same goal as yours. Like you, I´ve always had the idea of building a website like this one on my head, but as somebody made it happen before me, I want to help improving it.

  • Okay, this person posted more than a month ago, is in high rating and has yet to receive any feedback from the site administration as has been done for others. I'm done with this until I hear some good news down the road. Congratulations, you gave this site no thought and have discouraged someone from even coming here. Here is a lesson; Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance - the 6 Ps.

  • Did you really think THIS would be encouraging, let alone satisfying, for an intelligent person who values their time? Did you?! Assholes!

  • I agree, programming code takes time, I hope the admins get on top of these suggestions soon. With more personal profile and social media options, this site has alot of potential. This feels like an early beta-test.

  • But that's the problem, it's one thing to fail honestly, but these people failed in easily avoidable ways thus making a mockery of the concept. They didn't think about any aspects of interpersonal communication, integration, psychology or anything that really matters. They just thought they could put this site together, post some silly video and expect people to return to this site without any of the camaraderie and sense of social momentum that actual would have. Two things; why did I come back to write this and I wonder if this hole thing was a fucking prank. What thoughtless damaging assholes!


  • I found this website just a few minutes ago and am not really familiar with most of the things going on about it. However, this topic pretty much sums up the first impression i had for this website: it has so much potential yet is not being navigated towards that capacity. This topic was posted a year and 8 months ago and from my observation nothing has changed. Conclusion: either the site or its makers are dead.

  • just use facebook

  • I object because there are already places to network like facebook, Google+ and the like, what you describe costs lots of money to develop and implement and finally and most important, it will take out the best characteristic of the site: its simpleness and quickness.

    By the way, please stop thinking locally. It's called Global Democracy not US democracy (nor European, nor Spanish, etc.)

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