solar power

the solution to resolve the question about energy is to concentrate our effort to harvest energy that come to us in and unlimited quantity for the next billions years ... why waste time on something else? solar is the best :)



  • Yep. Solar seems the best. Time to just do it.

  • That is true, more research money should be poured in this technology to bring down the costs of generating electricity and making it more efficient. However, just a thought here. Are there any other forms of energy that can go on till billions of years like fusion energy or something else.

  • Unfortunately in my sub-arctic home there is not enough sunlight to meet our energy needs through solar power alone, which is why solar is usually combined with wind, hydro or nuclear.

    Plus, at cost its not very effective compared to the current energy sources. In order for something like this to take off, you need for it to be economically viable. Public opinion is considerably difficult to leverage, which would be the only other way to do away with current energy production methods.

    And even then, China/India are still going to plug away with coal/oil.

  • ALL the forms of enegy should be considered and at what point sould they be left alone. Right now North America is saturated in oil that should be made use of but the corporations will just fuck around in the Arab countries until the IPC (International Peace Corp ) stops them. Does it exist to do so? Do not be so sure that it does not or that it won't. This vote is actually
    BETWEEN a Yes and a No - which should give the elusive 000001 something more to think about.

  • a wind turbine made in Holland costs $250,000 but fully powers 50 homes, if the cost of the turbine is devided by the ammount of homes that will uses then each home will pay $5,000 but will get FREE CLEAN energy to power their home forever!

  • The reason solar power isn't used more than it is is because it doesn't generate a significant amount of power relative to alternatives.

  • I object because I think there are more efficient energy types that have higher yield than solar power. While solar power is definitely an option, I don't think our technology would be able to support and sustain our mass consumption of power that we're accustomed to. I don't agree with your solar power idea, and I also wouldn't agree with a wind energy idea, the tech just isn't there, but all in all, you're right that it is time to just switch over to less harmful energy production methods.


  • solar is not unlimited. only a finite amount falls on earth at any given time and certainly not at night (for a local area)

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