Open Borders

Freedom of movement is a human right, yet, in our "globalized" society it is increasingly a privilege of economic and ethnic elites.

Migration has, since the dawn of human history, been a way for people to escape famine, persecution and other hardships or merely a way for them to broaden their horizons. It is not a fair world when a small privileged section is able to travel with great freedom while the majority face heavy restrictions.



  • I think some cultures in the world have developed better (more equality, happier people) than others, and some level of protection is needed so the better culture doesn't get infected by the bad habits of other cultures who might have a larger population and therefore might become a negative influence. For instance, a large religious group with "rules" that go against human nature, and might have inequality and misery associated with it, could crush a perfectly happy smaller community by imposing its religious laws on that community once enough of them come to that land. Also, a sustainable community should have the rig to protect itself against a community of people who could not sustain themselves in their own land.

  • Yes, keep borders open, but still be on guard as to who enters and who leaves. It would be a good idea to keep track of people who leave and enter.

  • All nations should abide by this decree, not just specific ones.

  • This scares me though. In theory it is a good idea but I feel like some people hate me based on the fact that I live in America and don't practice their religion. Selfishly, I want to keep those people as far away from me as possible.

  • ONE WORLD!! man created division and borders and man also created this distrust and ignorance for one another!! i think we can change those habits and replace them with new ones ahhhhh i am very excite I LOVE YOU ALLLL

  • @ hopeful girl. Your fear is an irrational phobia, created and kept alive by a media that wants you to fear outsiders. Muslims, who are the people you are talking about, do not hate you. Some of them (and some of every other large social group) use terrorism to advance what they see as their interests. Immigration law didn't stop this and won't be able to.

  • Here's my worry about open borders - I probably believe in it but think it should be subjected to a democratic process. If the majority believes in travel regulation than so be it. Human rights should be balanced with other things. Think of women only spaces - are they illegitimate?

  • I object because there would be no means to screen corrupt immigrants. This happens all too often. Look what happened to the native Americans.

  • @shimri Well if you believe in it, but you think there should be a democratic process, well this is it, the democratic process, I do not understand your complaint.

  • @George Well, what happened to the native americans was an invasion. We have closed borders now right, but look at what happened to Iraq! Open Borders does not mean, there will be no knowledge of those who go back and forth, but I think people should not be treated unfairly because of where they are from... for instance, an american could travel anywhere without a trouble, an arab has to go through a ton of paperwork to travel (and if they actually get a visa after all that)... fair? I dont think so...

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  • It's not fair that those "border crossers" take all our JOBS and government ENTITLEMENTS either! Nor is it fair that they bankrupt entire states hospitals from over-using the E.R's. Not fair that they overwhelm our school systems, our social security system, take up much needed housing.... and most of all, it's not fair that the TAXPAYERS have to support them! They don't even turn in income, while they milk the government!

  • I object to this because any number of criminals and undesirable individuals could enter into foreign countries to escape justice.

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  • Completely agreed. My spouse & I have had so much trouble, loss of money, stress, time unable to live together, etc. simply because we were born in two different countries & to live in either one, one of us has had to go through ridiculous immigration controls. It is complete & utter inhumane madness. Should we only have married within our own nationality? Our world was changed & we developed & evolved through all our migration. Why are we so afraid of change & so afraid of each other? We should be far more afraid of our governments & why they, as institutions, are imposing all this control, instead of fearing each other simply because we're different. Understanding is the key. &, to get down to the heart of it, some people are afraid of losing 'their' jobs & livelihoods & money to immigrants - why don't you look at the small percentage of people at the top of this pyramid? The people who control the majority of the wealth (& everything else) & who so desperately want to cling onto it? If that wealth & power was distributed equally between us all, there would be far less need for all this fear of immigration. Hmm...maybe I got off the point there :P

  • I object because sorry dont want trash where i live

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