Commercialization of Space Tourism

Experts say that nations are running out of ideas to generate wealth, what with GDP growth rates of western nations below 2% and developing nations at 8% (but the income levels still far below).

Experts say that there is a need for having new forms of businesses to generate revenue. Space tourism is said to be one. Currently, virgin galactic is giving out tickets at US $ 200,000 and experts are working on bringing this down to US $ 20,000 per ticket.

What do you think about space tourism in general? Please give your opinions from these points of views:

1. Business: generate revenues for governments

2. Environment: how much harm will come from it

3. Salaries: new forms of revenues for new type of employees

4. Sustainability: will the business sustain in the long run like commercial airlines or just fizzle out after some time

5. Balance in society: will it become a form of taking money from the rich and giving it to the not so rich who will be employed in this venture

Just a thought.



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  • This could also potentially create friendly competition in the space race (as apposed to the not so friendly competition between countries). Cost would be driven down and scientific breakthroughs are much more likely

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  • Agree mint92. It could be something like the airlines on the price front. By opening up the skies, flight rates came down drastically. Could be the same for space tourism too.

  • I strongly disagree with this for a very simple reason. At our current technological point, this kind of enterprise is expensive, not very meaningful and will accelerate the consumption of natural resources of our planet.

  • 1.) Although this should not be the over arching goal of commercialized space, it would definitely benefit all nations who support such a program. It would provide countless jobs.

    2.)As with any major avenue of change, it is important to recognize that there will be harmful side effects whether it be space debris, or atmospheric change. However, it is important to realize that this program would allow for the growth of the space industry. Through this growth we could expand upon our necessity for expansion and thus move to the larger goal of colonization of another planet.

    I think overall, this would be an amazing idea and would truly benefit everyone on a global scale.

  • I like the idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor through this but I think it would create too much pollution with our present technology. A good idea for the future, not a good idea for the present.

  • Nobody agrues suborbital tourism won't become cheap and affordable and routine by the general public. The problem is suborbital tourism only allows for short hops into space lasting 3-5 minutes. This is because the Delta V (or velocity) needed to reach suborbit is only 1 km per second (about mach 3). The speed needed for an orbit is 7 km per second (mach 21). Thats not to say suborbital vehicles are worthless. They allow for a slow buildup to orbital speed. Still there closer in preformance to the Concorde or Fighterjets thant the space shuttle. There are commercial space companies operating orbital craft. SpaceX has there dragon spacecraft. However while its by far the best and cheapest us spacecraft it is currently no better in cost than the Russian Soyuz except for the fact that the Russians hace jacked up the price because they now have a monopolly on spaceflight to the ISS. The actual cost to orbit not going down yet. The cost to travel to the Moon and Mars and Asteroids however has gone down. Its now possible using Soyuz or Dragon hardware to fly manned flyby missions to Venus, Mars, the Moon, Asteroids and Lagrange points at the same expense as a shuttle flight. This is the important part "The purpose of spaceships is for actually traveling across space and visit new worlds not to hang out in space and observe the health effects of doing so."-Robert Zubrin. I think for the timebeing nonprofit organisations (universities, advocacy groups) and Government are going to be the main drivers of space travel. But now the cost is going down.

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  • I object because there's already mounting issues with fossil fuels.. Such a venture would stay exclusive to the priviledged. Growth can be achieved quite easily by simple redistribution. The one thing capitalism has inflicted on the world is mass poverty where basic needs aren't even met. Also, whether you agree with climate change or not.. it would create many new industries and millions of jobs that pay well.

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