We Are All We Have

All of our lives we have been taught to respect people whether it would be for their religion, status, or political views, but where do we draw the line? Is it when women are being beaten and killed or children are being neglected and/or overworked,or is it when our planet is being destroyed by war and carelessness? We need to band together and save our home and our people, not annihilate what we have, because we are all we have.



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  • Surely Joe Hage had his tongue frmily in cheek when he wrote the title for his blog post of OMG! It was so easy to set up a blog site!

  • Surely Joe Hage had his tongue frmily in cheek when he wrote the title for his blog post of OMG! It was so easy to set up a blog site!

  • Even if people agree to the principles laid out in the global constitution (http://www.globaldemocracy.com/assets/pdf/POW-constitution.pdf), which are Freedom, Equality and Security of each person alone and in community, such problems will continue to arise.
    The cause of this is a fundamental lack of perspective which humans display. Even if people agree to these principles, they are unaware of or choose to ignore the consequences of their actions, occupying themselves with demanding low gas prices before low damage to biosphere we depend upon.
    Freedom is good. But where do you draw the line
    ...between the freedom of speach (to speak of and believe in what they choose) of one, and the freedom of self-determination (to make decisions based on accurate information and thus have those decisions being their own) of the other, or
    ...between the freedom to choose how to live of the one, vs the freedom to protect the biosphere we all depend on of the other?
    Who's freedom wins out here? Do we have the right to censor lies, or to limit the freedom of individuals to impose taxes or ban certain practices which have been deemed unsustainable?

    The issue is perspective, or rather people's lack thereof - the failure to look at the big picture and evaluate even the most far-reaching consequences of our actions and include those in the decisions and calculations we make.

  • *respect people, creatures, plants and the Earth, as ..living breathing entities essential to our OWN SELVES? >without plants, no photosynthesis, hence no oxygen. ~ common sense.
    * admittedly, Some, humans, have ("more to offer") to the collective, than others...ut, who is to judge, and according to what criteria? Religion, tells,ME, that only ONE can judge. : Jesus Christ. > I subscribe to this, but what of my brother, in Tibet? or ____? who may not subscribe to Christian doctrine, but is no less worthy, upon his OWN path, up the mountain?

  • that being aid...i do NOT condone, the beating nor raping of women, nor the subjugation or exploitation of children....in THESE cases, i MUST stand, as (my brothers keeper..the Dog at the Front Gate) to prevent what violence would present...and if killing is the only way, to protect the innocent....than, so be it...*it would deeply sadden me to TAKE a life; i prefer diplomacy. but there are those...who would not yield to reasonable discussion, hence war erupts, and we come back to , our common dilemna. > i must yield the floor at this juncture...*those who would practice, the Simple Cardinal Virtues, are worthy of...sharing the Earth...The Earth, it is said, "will always be a home, for a virtuous being"...Though, if a being proves him-or her-self, incorrigible beyond human doubt? >

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