Permaculture for the hungry.

help the hungry become sustainable through education, and donations of seeds. good seeds, not the frank-en-seeds.

Think of the extra wealth you would have if 50% of your food cost was wiped out. or 80?

Food Forests! Green The Deserts!



  • wa aleikum aSalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barektuhu,That is an ellecxent question and also one that is probably very difficult to answer. I have come across some research on this and there are already examples in Africa where desert aforrestation has taken place. I am personally investigating these sorts of questions and don't mind sharing what I have found thus far with you. See the about page for how to contact me.

  • How neat! Is it really this silpem? You make it look easy.

  • Wow! Talk about a posting koncikng my socks off!

  • Come on Really!!! These people lack the ambition to find or use the available programs to attain a job and you expect them to work for their food when someone will give them free food at a shelter or some other program.

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