Make it easier to fire teachers

Here in America, at least, many teachers don't do much because it is so difficult to fire them. They have a passion for their subject, but don't know how to deal with kids or how to teach. I propose a law that makes it easy to fire teachers that aren't doing their jobs, as evaluated by the students with the highest grades in their schools.



  • Documenting the inefficiencies of some educators is the way to fire individuals who are suited to be in front of students in the classroom. It isn't impossible but requires some initiative on the part of administrators. Having students doing a job that should be completed by admin is passing off responsibility to someone else. So is coming up with another law. If the administrators can't see what is wrong in a classroom or do not have the ability to document an inadequate teacher - then the administrator should be removed and replaced with someone who can.

  • We need to empower teachers to have greater access to tools, resources, and yes, better access to parents, and require parents to be more responsible for their children's behavior and motivation. Appropriate 360 degree assessment of a child's performance, taking into account all of the factors that contribute to it, and recommendations from the school, from counsellors, from parents and teachers, are what is appropriate here. Simply throwing away teachers who are struggling to get through to students is a sure way to destroy what is left of our school system.

  • most teachers sit behind there desk and make a mockery to there students and are just grown up nannys with there ideas that all student will never succeed so why bother read a book one said to me in a class room that tells you he wasnt doing his job ... he was a good

  • Please don't point the finger at the educator, times have changed, attitudes also.
    As I, like everyone else.. grew up. 60% of my education was taught to me at home.
    Parents, just don't have the time anymore to check homework , classroom assessments,
    Exam results, etc
    Teachers are exactly what they are TEACHERS.. Nothing else nothing more.
    If you have a genuine concern for your kids education, take sometime to sit down and do it yourself . It's your parenting responsibility, not the teacher's.
    Granted , they are educators out there, who should never be in a classroom.
    But are we going to stand over the shoulder and make them do a better job.
    I think NOT.
    Like everything else in life, it all starts at HOME...??

  • I object because firing teachers isnt a solution. Maybe its due to lack of child psychology to teach and therefore believe that we need to educate teachers instead of making a law that makes it easier to fire teachers. I suggest that you study the resolution and find an alternative for enhancing children's education


  • Akeaney, a lot of our problems do boil down to education. I do however absolutely object to this comment. Firing teachers is not any way to fix our system. The globe needs a big change in curriculum, and students need to be accountable to their education.

  • Teachers should be more accountable for their performance. Imagine for a moment, that a business manager walks into his boss's office, and the conversation turns ugly. "I'm sorry, but I have tenure.", the manager replies and returns to his desk. That would be inconceivable. Why is that the case for teachers? There are too many teachers who have simply given up, and since they have tenure, have no reason to care anymore. Let's make room for the GOOD educators out there who properly realize that they have one of the MOST important jobs in the universe. They create the leaders, innovators, and captains of industry that will lead us into the future

  • I like it.
    How do you get better people in any position?
    make the environment more hostile and educations is the place where we need to best people in the world. We should give teachers heroic societal status as well. the good ones at least.

  • The solution suggested is hardly focusing on the main problem. Education, not only in school, but in life in general, needs improvement. Making easier to fire teacher most likely won't add anything to this issue.

  • I object because in this economy, job security is very important. I understand the problem and actually helped to get a teacher fired this year, but it's difficult for a reason. Perhaps a better solution would be to make it more difficult to become a teacher so only those who are really qualified make the cut.

  • I object because even the students with the top grades can be very malicious and may say things which aren't necessarily true, there is plenty of kids like that today, I would know being one myself. If anyone should be allowed to fire teachers it should be people like OFSTED (UK) and other education welfare boards.

  • If this law were in effect and I was a teacher I would just make sure that the kids that liked me got the highest grades.

  • I object because the livelihood of the teachers should not be decided by their students.

  • I object for several reasons. First reason is that students are rarely objective enough to judge the quality of a teacher by themselves. At the very least others should be involved in the review process (peer-to-peer judging).
    Secondly, teachers often do know how to properly teach, but are not allowed to do so due to government regulations and more regulations that stiffle the personal approach needed for correct teaching.
    The real change should be in the system, not in the teachers bound by the limiting rules of the system.

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