times running out

I'm very interested in the origin of life and my personal beliefs are that we need to clean up our act on pollution ect for generations to come soon it will be to late and we want to act now whilst we have a chance I would put my life on it that we all will regret the way we take advantage of the earth and its natural resources I also personally request that if everyone did there part to clean up there act most of our earth's government's are burning through resources like there's no tommoro the government's of the world is doing their part and some of the civilians are to but like the old saying you can take a horse to water but they dicide to drink it or not. Thank you for reading. Tack time to think it our children's children that will suffer not us.



  • That's a genuinely impressive awsner.

  • Thanks a lot for your comments about Dino Rossi and Seattle radio.Notice the avosernctive station has only one live and local show, while KIRO goes more liberal and is live and local all day long? I'm not there but I've heard things aren't going well.

  • @onecoolgreek There is no such high profile behind this, but we hope to attract a diverse range of them.

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  • everythings maped out you have just got to play along

  • Yes i agree that our planet is being ruined and it must be stopped

  • etlife godsfromabove@gmail.com give me a email and we will go further into it. thanks for voteing

  • ive set another up beacause i for got my pass try world order in search box

  • Very interesting.
    If you say not anyone behind this website (al gore example).
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    All the world of science, energy, health, etc, about the "angel of war, our war, from the" book "dead sea scrolls".
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    Fools and charlatans, just for money and sex (such as @ onecoolgreek their bodies).
    Read all comments at, translate first from Indonesia:

  • Calilng all cars, calling all cars, we're ready to make a deal.

  • Do you have more great aritlces like this one?

  • I really like what your thinking, reallly great ideas.
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback, on my post, just strated and I'm wodering if my ideas are ok?
    But like I said really great idea etlife.

  • You do realize that global warming has stopped for like the last 15 years so far, and has actually be cooling a bit for about the last decade, right?

  • It was a really cool experiment wasn't it. Makes you wonder what the next one will be.....

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  • totally agree, we are in the endgame right now, if monsanto and the global corporations have their way, we will have monocultures, no bees, poisonous irradiated food, nutritionless products (most of the chicken in stores right now contains 64% less nutrition and vitamins than a real, free-roaming, foraging chicken would have) and there is so much more for people to be aware of and speak up about find change.org to actually make a difference on lots of global environmental issues..

  • people usually ignore this because they assume someone else is already working on cleaning the planet; everyone should take care of our planet its the only one we got

  • Humans are destructive. We think we can just run through resources and will never run out. What happens when no resources are left? & we are hurting our earth, our water, our land by drilling oil from the ground & putting pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Soon there will be no fresh water, and no resources. Then what? You say it our childrens children will suffer, but we are suffering right now without even realizing it.

  • I object because of the concept of homeostasis. It doesn't occur only in creatures, but occurs within the environment as well. I believe that humans, although wasteful, will always develop a solution to any consequences presented. In such case, our children's children will solve any problems just as our generation is solving its own problems.

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