Make it free

Education should be a basic public service available to all.



  • no doubt

  • ya man I'm in s ed and can't go to college what's up with that

  • Thank you for your kind cmenmot. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any particular public discussion board that covers the topic, although I have gotten a fair number of cmenmots from educators, universities, etc. However, if you are passionate about this topic then it might be a good opportunity for you to start a discussion board on the topic' yourself. There's always room for other views Best & Cheers

  • The question is how this is made a reality, and in what form it should take.

  • I so so agree with this. An uneducated society is easier to control... need I say more?

  • I agree completely, but to make this a reality is near to impossible

  • I think "totally free" is a bit unrealistic, because any education would have high running cost. But I guess it could be a similar systems as the tax system. The more money you earn the more it would cost you, but overall it would equalize the chances to get a better education for everybody.

  • I assume by public service this person means that the public will pay for it. I'm in favor of this, as having an education system that is sold individually leads to the reinforcement of class divisions as the poor are unable to afford education as is the system with college in the United States.

  • I object because although I agree that education is fundamentally important and should be free, you haven't given any way to make this a reality... It is a grand idea but we need practical ideas on how to make it possible.

  • I object because it is unrealistic to have free education at all levels, given the chances of those who are weak in it (even some who are good) not appreciating the service, and the ability of the government to fund education services at all levels. Knowledge is your power, so why give it away for free?

  • Education should be free to all. To make this viable, why not stop producing/buying nuclear weapons, we have enough to 'deter' those we perceive to be a threat to us. These billions of pounds (Euros, dollars) could then be used to educate all.

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