Consume less

Start with you... Consume less, share more. Stop buying shit.



  • For many years I have only bought clothes at secondhand stores (Goodwill, etc.). I had a small business whereby I picked up furniture, curbside, which people had thrown in the trash & refurbished it, did some decorative painting & sold it at local gift shops. We have got to stop thinking that everything we buy has to be brand new...and we need to stop throwing every damned thing into the landfill!

  • I could never dream of a better idea encapsulated in solely 10 words. I find myself questioning my own habits a lot of the time, because I acknowledge humankind to be the harbinger of the doom of Mother Earth... and yet the habits I mentioned clearly suggest I am a part of the problem, at the very least for the welfare of humanity (I'm American, I waste food, I think the vast majority of Americans do today- culturally we believe in wasting food to the extent that the news broadcasts themselves have from what I could tell directly advised people to throw away food instead of eating too much if they took too much to eat, to fight obesity)....

    Your words rally me to remember to be conscientious about putting Earth before Man and Man before Self. I actually feel refreshed. Well said.

    -PeaceandRightsHawk (inversion of "War Hawk", because I am as adamant about rights and peace and liberty as the war hawks were about war and nationalism and national defense)

  • and crspeers- I am glad that you personally have taken the path in life you have, though I do not know you and know little of your path. You seem a significant aid to the Earth in Her time of peril... from one who cares about Her, from one who worships Her religiously, though I don't do enough for Her in daily life, and know I need to do more, any small suggestions or bigger suggestions would be appreciated, shoot me an email, it's listed above and on my profile, or at least post something here (but I may not see it), perhaps a link you would back, but coming from a child of the Earth-- thank you, and I hope your business flourishes.
    - PeaceandRightsHawk

  • We wouldn't HAVE to buy more if products were still made in USA instead of this cheap China crap that doesn't last. Therefore it ends up in landfills...which in turn, we buy MORE.

  • I object because people should be able to buy whatever they want within the confines of the law.

  • There is a critical shroatge of informative articles like this.

  • This does touch on a manufacturing issue of light and heavy appliances - companies are not encouraged to make products that last a long time as that reduces their profit. Consumers do not necessarily think this through - rather than simply buying a new coffee maker (eg.) or dishwasher, they should let the manufacturer know, in a very public manner, they are very angry at having to buy said item once every 4 or 5 years.

    And yes - stop buying crap, I woke up about 8 years ago and tracked spending for 3 moths - I managed to save about $85/month by just eliminating crap that is bought impulsively then rarely, if ever, used.

  • Directed at the people whom object this wonderful idea
    I have a lovely quote for you "When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money" & in the case you cant eat material items !

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