Factory Farming and animal activists

Animal activists who succeed in exposing animal cruelty violations taking place on industrial farm property should not EVER be classed as a terrorist.

They currently are! The reason this is happening is because food companies have become some of the most powerful corporations in the world - and they are driven by efficiencies and greed with no regard for peoples health, let alone animal rights. They have persuaded ($$) governments to crack down on activists by classing them as "economy-terrorists". This practice must stop. Please vote "yes" and show your support.



  • I am in shock! Classified as terrorists! That's crazy! Crazy wrong.

  • Ridiculous especially since the U.S. has just passed a law that allows the Gov't to detain and torture a citizen it suspects as being a terrorist... I don't think many U.S. citizens are even aware of this bill. Democracy and 'Land of the Free' my ass.

  • I know some times law's are made for the good but! I'm a truck driver and in Allentown pa Animal stock yard Thy produse meat for markets and one day I was thyer and one of the workers that take down cows miss fierd hi tool on a cow and Animal rights came in and shut down the plant! the bad thing is 2 truck loads of cows died as a result of the shutting it down!

  • not sure that this is the most important issue right now.

  • terrorism is terrorism no matter what the motive

  • I object because they are breaking the law and breaking the law is not the most efficient way to improve your or other's situation.

  • For many who do not know, the raising of livestock will eventually be at an end on large scales due to the factory production of animal protein by machines. the replication of tissue will replace the factor of killing a animal for food and maybe leather and fur also,

  • I object because I do.

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