Preventative medicine

Most diseases are preventable, lets start by educating communities about healthy lifestyle choices. Reduce your risk, Eliminate diet related illnesses, and prevent the transmission of diseases.

Idea for the world


  • Although this is already happening, it doesn't hurt to offer even more information.

  • I believe that we have much worse issues affecting the world at the moment
    Dont you think we should approach educating more threatening causes instead of approaching those issues that occur in 1st World Countries

  • 1581 could you post an idea incorporating what you just said? I would like to know your thoughts on the matter more intimately; and I agree, 1st world countries like mine (USA) focus too much on lengthening our own lifespans and preserving our own lives while, if we would give some of our excess away and help other nations live longer, some of our obesity epidemic would be solved with the smaller supply of food

  • I do agree that health care is a large issue in first world countries and that there are other larger issues in 3rd world countries. But at the same time i believe that we need to start at home, start small work our way up to the larger issues, such as clean water, housing, vaccines and everything else for the poorer countries throughout the world, we are all brothers and sisters we need to protect one another.

  • If you include using toxic vaccines, than this idea is not a good one.

  • Idealistic. Even when people know what to do, they don't. Human beings aren't logical.

  • Just breezing through and say your ideas on preventative medecine with lifestyle choices. One mention if i may is that circulation of blood through the entire body is where it seems that almost all diseases are tied together at. Massages to stimulate this circulation seem to be of the most important preventative measure we could do.


  • particular approach is needed to certain community to give them information about the prevention. The right communication is should be applied so people won't get the wrong perception about the information.

  • particular approach is needed to certain community to give them information about the prevention. I do agree with this idea

  • good

  • Absolutely! The one substance that is so damaging yet socially sacrosanct is ALCOHOL, in all of it's derivatives. Really feel it is time that the truth about alcohol be told and people realize just how damaging this single substance is to individual health and societies health and well being.

  • I can speak to the effects that alcohol is having on the state of millennials and generation x. With the trend of binge drinking becoming ever more prevalent and popular on campuses, one can see not only the break down of intimate/intellectual relationships but also the negative health effects. "Blacking out" is a common occurrence now for many and yet people don't realize they are literally causing their brains to shut down. So many unhealthy behaviors and deterioration of brain cells is a result of alcohol use.

  • it's a struggle against the corporate giants and mass marketed junk, speed and convenience over actually taking the time to care for ourselves enough to cook and eat well, education is the key, and that starts at home, in childhood.. These bodies we live in take maintenance, unfortunately they dont come with a written user manual..

  • I agree

  • This idea would greatly reduce the strain on the health system! Doctors are starting to get on board with this... it really makes sense. Eliminate the cause of the illness and the illness will go away...

  • Look at the top 5 pharmaceuticals and their profits bringing in billions of dollars every year. It's your cholesterol medication, heart disease, etc. But, then again, when I see the family of obese adults bringing their 2 very obese children to McDonalds... The psychology behind why these parents make the decisions they do that can lead their children in an incredibly unhealthy direction stems from more than a lack of nutritional marketing. I've seen hundreds of health channels, organic food markets, fitness magazines, etc. I see the people who watch them and read them. And then I watch them continue to live their lives the exact same way, only now with endless excuses as to why nothing in their lives has changed. Or you have those who have convinced themselves that over the years an unhealthy lifestyle isn't really that bad and they just don't care, so they teach their children not to care as well. Take your pick... Please find a way to light a fire under the world's @$$ and make them care about their health. Think of all the money you would save on medical bills and medications. Insurance companies would have less opportunities to take advantage of you, and your quality of life would be that much better!

  • More information on how to better your health and keep others from contracting anything from you if you have a disease will never hurt.

  • I disagree with zorbear that this is already being done. Heart disease is quickly overtaking cancer as the number one killer in first work countries. I also completely disagree with the standpoint of 00001581 from Kenya that because first world countries are better off than third world countries we should not pay attention to preventable diseases! Diseases that occur everywhere should be addressed especially preventable ones.

  • It's not so much that diseases are preventable, but rather many can be 'postponed' so much that the cause of death is something else completely.

    is a short video on CAM as a tool for delivering the information or suggestions for preventative medicine. In many cases preventative medicine really means this: eat & exercise & sleep well; don't smoke and limit stress in your life.

  • preventing is good, but then there could be a sudden outbreak and we are all unprepared. We need to search for curative medicine to rid the world of a particular disease once and for all. Preventive measures should be made until that happens though.

  • I object because prevention is good until there is a sudden outbreak in which we are unprepared and technologically inferior. A cure however prevents the disease once and for all, however until we reach that stage prevention is necessary.

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