We are all the same.

In today's world we are all just separated by the lines the form our country's and the fences that say that no one else may enter. Everyone is a free individual of this earth and we should all work together as one. We need to strip off the borders and worry about to problems our globe is facing together. We could get so much more done if we all just get along. No more wars. No more poverty. Everyone has the ability to dream and do what there heart desires. Our governments are fighting over resources that we could so easily share with the people we are stealing it from. We need to just get together as a race, we are all human so why cant we just all work together?



  • Would be nice if we could. Too many people with different ideas, cultures and languages.

  • To strip of the borders: It is not as simple as you said. We all know, that crime and war can be horrifyingly triggered with an increase of the population density. To open all borders would mean an wave of immigrants in the western civilisations. Even if we have had the media declaring that there are positive effects and benefits for all humans the people living in the wealthy countries would not except it. So it is rather an ideology than an utilitarism question. You cannot demand that the people accept the inevitable loss of direct life quality in exchange for the benefit of a fraction and this is what people would see. That would go directly against humans nature. But if you cannot open the borders, you can try to better the circumstances in the worse-dispositioned countries so that the people would stay there voluntary. To go further - while we cannot open the borders we have to take care of the development of the worse-dispositioned countries. Expenditures from the wealthy countries, exchange of scientific knowledge - such things would not be recognized by the people as direct loss of life quality and would be accepted. After an equalization of living standards the borders could disappeare but during this process it has to be opened only step by step.

  • It takes time but I BELIEVE we will achieve it.

  • I believe this is the exact premise, that initiated conception of THIS platform..>> I applaud, whole-heartedly, and endorse..> though, i believe, our attentions are better spent on, proposing SOLUTIONS to the status quo..> I believe we can all agree, that (individual governments) are bloated, and suck the very marrow out of our societies sun-scorched bones, which lay strewn in fields....>> WE NEED TO FOCUS, on TEACHING A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE TO ALL...so we may forever MORE, Transcend ( the basic "smile" ) and communicate effectively and efficiently. *this is being DONE,...Chinese students, are being taught English. ENGLISH speakers, have yet to ascend their lack of desire to educate themselves, and submit, to a cooperative effort....Kicking and screaming, some will be dragged, to ..an acceptable level of submission.> WHAT ELSE, may we address, at this time>? NO, not EVERYONE, is "free"...we are prisoners, of our OWN thoughts..by and large.
    BASIC human desires, prohibit us, from ultimate ascension: companionship, creature comforts, sense of accomplishment, and validation. Once we can conquer our own EGOs, we can effectively move one, to ..more important and predominant concerns of societal and global import. ~~ ("Wouldn;t it be nice, if we COULD? " ) WE CAN !!!!!! crack a book, and begin to self-educate!! if no other means, are available!!! Do you require funding? ASK, me..i will happily contribute, to your education, and a broader feeling of > ( WE CAN ) across the globe. !! PLEASE>

  • without the diversity of each individual country and culture, we would become a world were there is no difference between each human being and therefore have no purpose to our existence. We should celebrate our cultures and heritage, and maintain the right to live differently to the other people on the planet. We can work together and solve global issues without abandoning our way of life. The term ''our governments'' is flawed, the likely hood is that we put our leaders in power, and we presented the grounds for them to pass laws and start wars. But what global wars are being fought over natural resources? No there are problems and there are solutions to those problems, yet this is not one of them. War and poverty serve very little point, but they are however almost unavoidable. If we are going to solve anything, we need to stop dreaming of an impossible Utopian future, and instead work on applicable and lasting solutions. We are all human, and were also very different, But difference is a blessing, not a form of global restriction.

  • First we need to seal off our borders and send the illegals home. We also need a 10 year moratorium on immigration. And children born to illegal aliens should not become citizens.

  • I object because I am a patriotic citizen of the sovereign USA.

  • I'm sorry but this will never work. I agree that we should share our resources, but that stretches about as far as the UN

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