Carbon Capture & Release for Terraforming

It has been shown through the trends of past ice ages that we, in our time, are due for another one. Yet because of global warming not only has it not come, but we're getting warming because of human influence on the climate.

Another thing that past ice ages have shown is that when in the opposite swing, there is an approximately 5-10 degree difference from the ice age. At those times there were lions, rhinos, and other typically tropical species present in what we currently know as typically temperate regions, like Britain.

Considering that prior to such human influence, it is foreseeable that even if we get climate change under control with human ingenuity of carbon capture, we are likely to swing to a time that naturally gets warmer and would require carbon capture again. Then on the natural swing back again, we can carbon release. Continually doing so until we get a firm grip on how to globally manage ourselves to respond to these natural changes without destroying ourselves and most every other species we know with us.

Another aspect to consider is volcano eruptions causing global cooling. This is what caused, what is called, the Mini ice age. And if one day a super volcano is blew its top, we may already have a solution to resolve yet another climate dilemma - carbon release to counter act the volcanic sulfur.

So, my proposal is that we should seriously look into carbon capture and release as a viable solution, not only for the problem of our current time, but possible future needs in climate shifting events.



  • Controlling entire atmospheric concentrations of gas for the purpose of global climate control is harder and less efficient than self-replicating soletta manufacturing droids that process regolith into reflective panels to modify total solar radiation input.

  • Genius

  • if we keep going the direction we as humans are going we will turn the world around some how

  • A major problem with carbon capture is that without trillions of dollars of investment, we'd be doing little more than sipping the ocean through a soda straw. The volume of carbon in the atmosphere that would have to be removed to get us back to the level of just a few decades ago is much larger than one might thing. Besides, the first thing we have to do, in order to make any carbon capture experiment worth considering, it to stop increasing the amount of carbon that we dump in to the atmosphere -- and we're a long way from doing even that.

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