Passive Housing

A passive house is a house designed to maximize its use of the surrounding natural environment to perform the basic functions required: heating, cooling, hygiene, food storage and prep, and sleep. Other functions not mentioned would not impact the function of the house if utilized. Otherwise it would be disbanded.

Very simple measures are used to design a house that passively performs these functions. First is orientation. The vast majority of housing in the world are not oriented to maximize the use of the sun for lighting and heating in cool environments. I can easily go on.

The point is that all future housing should have a passive house standard that is met in order to not overburden infrastructure already in place or, if wanted, to avoid the need for massive infrastructure, its maintenance, and future replacement every 50 years or so, to have your home perform its basic functions. This can and has been done but 'conventional' houses are still being built with these known flaws in their design still out there.

For people living in conventional homes, there should be a bursary or other program to aid in renovating a home to be passive.

In the end, passive homes are reliable without relying on intense infrastructure for its functions. Thus, putting less pressure on aging infrastructures already present, and preventing the need to build up massive infrastructures in developing areas - saving you, your municipality, and your state/province money that can be better put else where.



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  • I think you hit a bullseye there fleals!

  • Great idea; well thought-out and presented.

  • I think this is a great idea, but you need to expand in a little more detail to encourage it.

  • It's the future. Or at least it should be.

  • I object because if I want to live big I should have the right to as long as I pay for it. Passive isn't going to work in a housing project with 20k people.

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