Through science anything is possible

"Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic."

- Thomas Szasz

The great minds of any time period must be influenced by something. If you look back at historical science fiction much of what is portrayed as "21st century technology" has come true. Flat screen television, touch interface, (limited) holograms, space travel, and experiments like the ones being performed at CERN only prove that humanity is capable of great things.

The point, of all this, is to portray the fact that really anything is possible.

Stop and take that in for a minute.

If you really want something to happen, say something "impossible" and you get enough people to sit and think about it for a long enough period of time, experiment, research, and work toward making that idea possible, it can be done.

I believe, as a generality, most people don't consider this when looking at science, technology, or world problems. It has been said that humanity can not advance to the next "technological plateau" if you will, until each and every member of the human race can posses the power to destroy all of us and be trusted to not use it.

The question must never be "can it be done?" Instead ask "At what cost can it be done?"



  • As if anyone could see what will come and how the future will be. So, in many cases there is no possibility to give a good answer what the costs of something are.
    Even if you have a ballpark estimate what could come the question "At what cost can it be done" is not enough. People always forget to ask "What could be the costs if do not test it"
    This is crutial for weighting, too.
    But at large, I agree you.

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  • What is the point of this post? its just an attack on 90 percent of the world?

  • I object. Everything isn't possible (unfortunately). There is no scientific law that says that all problems have a solution, and there is no law that says that all solutions are accessible to mankind. Moreover, most major issues are NOT of a technological nature, but rather of a cultural one. The technoscientific approach aims solely at mending the system and making it more effective in order to extending it, although the system itself should be changed in order to be somewhat sustainable.

    Let's move away from blind optimism and the easy temptation of scientism, in so far as they are dangers themselves. One can better deal with issues when one is not arrogantly convinced beforehand that everything will be solved. Humans have not always been able to solve all of their problems and civilizations have fallen; they create more problems than they may be able to handle, and tomorrow will be full of unsolvable issues, some of which might be decisive for humanity's future, given that it is no longer A civilization that's at stake, but THE global civilization, it's no longer the life-support systems of a given region that are in decline, but those of the whole planet.

    Let's not fool ourselves by thinking we're greater than we actually are. Political agendas, trade, finance, geopolitical conflicts, individualism and so on make us literally unable to coordinate our efforts so as to be able to deal with systemic crises. Only Hollywood, publicists, those who have to sell something and people whose scientific knowledge is poor and who want the dream to continue think otherwise.

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