Promoting Well Being VS Limiting Power

My promotion is this: society should have lesser laws while governments are under more laws as their guideline. Laws are invalid if they are given to people who do not have power, whereas people who can make laws, enforce laws and justify laws "do" have power.

Freedom is all about the well being of every person. If freedom is about doing whatever the person wants (regardless of the consequences), then why is freedom important? Freedom is important because it is about well being, not the exercise of power. If a person was given the right to hurt someone else, then it is an exercise of power and not freedom.

Freedom "can" be about the ability to do what the person wants, but as long as it does not intervene with the well being of others. If a person takes the opportunity to harm another one's well being, then that is the exercise of power. If an individual has the ability to make harsh laws that will eventually harm well being, then government should be under stronger guidelines and not the people.



  • interesting

  • I object because it's poorly organized. It requires -and deserves, more clarity.

  • i dont like this proposal because i think its futile to tell people they cant put forth their ideas just because 'we're in a push to eliminate the abundance of laws' thats not good.

  • It is not the abandonment of laws that benefit society, but the abolishment of enforcing unjust and unnecessary laws by government and corporate leaders on all of us. As you may have noticed, congress is pushing copy write laws to the most ridiculous extreme. A company was sued for putting a picture of a cartoon on a birthday cake that a child drew. The reason being is that this cartoon was owned by another company (regardless that it was drawn by a child and wanted the picture he drew on a birthday cake). If government has the power to make and enforce laws that are unnecessary without our consent, then what's there to stop them from taking away the right to share art and ideas with one another? All I'm proposing is a strict regulation of government who want to make laws that have no beneficial value.

  • Laws do exist for everybody regardless of the power they do or don't have. I agree that some laws are stupid and should be removed but I don't agree that less laws should exist for people with less power, everybody is as responsible for their actions as everybody else.

  • I was drawn by the hsonety of what you write

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