Power to the people

The reasources of this world do not belong to the few but to the many. Why must we pay for unclean/unsafe energy when we have safe energy. We must make free engery for everyone and then that will lead to peace. You controle the power you contorle the people Free the people.



  • Corporations should not control government.

  • Whereas this is true, you propose no method of how said energy (which does cost to produce, even if its renewable) would be provided for free. Also, you may want to consider more closely spelling and punctuation in your message.

  • exactly...as 1469 says...you've provided a good point, but no proposal on how to achieve it.

  • This is something I have discussed with friends many times and completely agree, free the people by providing free power to all, but as the 2 previous posters mentioned you need to refine the suggestion by saying how this is to be done.

  • I think perhaps cleaner energy and reduced energy cost would be a step in the right direction.

  • there is any center consider for the clean energy ideas? I seek to get some help with construction and advice for my ideas about ocean wave’s energy resources. I don’t have ability and knowledge to design and develop the samples for this idea; I just made drawing for 7th designs.
    All the designs are easy & cheap; also These resources of energy will be more environmentally friendly.

  • Actually, this is already a reality, but it takes personal commitment.

  • I object because it is idealistic but the method would be very complex, especially on a global scale. Basically it is impractical.

  • This idea is very idealistic and very unrealistic. Everything costs something, while moving from unclean to clean energy is a good idea, it couldn't be done without money being spent on it.

  • I object because there is no such thing as free energy (see newton's 2nd law)

  • I object because while this is a good idea, you offer no solution. This "proposition" seems to be a "wouldn't it be nice if..." statement. Surely it gets people thinking, but offers no more than me saying "We should pollute less."

  • I object because it proposes no details of how exactly this will work.

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