Charity of Technical Resources

Technology in some countries have been growing rapidly. However, there are some that are obsolete. I believe older technologies should be freely given to very poor countries.

So instead of destroying old technology (because of newer ones), we import the resources and the education to build them to make a stable growing community. So there will be no extreme prosper and extreme collapse between countries.



  • This is being done by governments and business worldwide. Not something anyone needs to vote on.

  • Recycle old technology to who ever can use it.

  • Not an extraordinary revolutionary idea. Expecially new technology should be free for all, not only the old stuff. What you want is recently a component of the capitalisitic system: to sell old technology for a lower prize to maximize the benefit is not far away from give it for free. It's obviously necessary to define what is "old". Would you give 30-year old blueprints for fossil-fuel-power stations with an efficiency factor of 35% while you could built one with 40%? Or while you establish your industry for solar systems?

  • Some countries do this to a degree, normally selling for a very low price or giving things that there is very small demand for in richer countries like older computers. This needs to be done more.

  • This is just the perfect aneswr for all of us

  • question: Why , do we, vote or even DISCUSS, sharing (hand-me-downs) ? As Agloabl community, we are RICH, and WELL_ENDOWED... Are these brothers and sisters, in what (currently remain) 3rd world ..any less WORTHY>>? of sharing in technology in application, throughout the WORLD? and isnt thisy an insult. * going back a few question, to a matter of "equality" and considering that, each of us, ARE individuals, unique, and uniquely talented, or insightful? WHY , would we WITH hold, ANYTHING, that present an advantage, to human learning, or to advance the cause of betterment? >> Seems to me, we shoud SHARE ALL...without, discrimination. Who is to say, the next, Einstein, or Edison, or Osho, or MLK, would not fall to Earth, in a world currently pigeon-holed as 3rd world? >> This is to judge fellow humans, unfairly..and to Deny OURSELVES, the global community? the whole of existence, the potential contributions to the collective existence. and global body of knowledge. > * I FEEL, that we should share, NEW tech, as well...not limit, an already limited culture, to REMAIN limited, in the eyes of the world. positive advancement. >>Share the minds, the tech, the resources, and ultimately, the benefits of advancement, as a whole.

  • I object because this is already happening, and it seems to not be thought through

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