Multinational Corporations and national bodies donating to political candidates

I feel that there is a need for the POW, to advise world governments that allow funding of elected candidates for government seats and official positions by corporations and national or international organizations. That this present system is truthfully undemocratic. The present system causes the elected candidates to honor commitment to their sponsors and not to those that voted for them.

All present systems of government are open to corporate governance such as parliamentary systems as the political parties can be bribe by political party sponsorship. Then if corruption safe guards are loose the elected are bribed with bungs or perks.

No government can call themselves democratic and to do so there is a need to have good national or better still international laws to stop the Multinational, national corporations and organization corrupting governance systems. Giving power back to the people.



  • I see an idea being observed as being important by the POW on his facebook account and believed it was too limited to USA, where as this site is supposed to be the voice of the global citizens. Many more of them are from nations that have similar problems to do with corrupt governance and rightly its my opinion that this site should be fighting for their rights and not just the citizens of the USA. Its a global issue that effects all of us.

  • Politicians should not be controlled by corporations.

  • Politicians should not be controlled by ANYONE, except their electorate.

  • Hey hey hey, take a gadenr at what' you've done

  • I think politicians should only be guided by there heart if there in the job for a big pay cheque then they are in the wrong career path

  • You male it difficult to post anything on a specific subject. MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THE USSR. GET A CUE.

  • OMG USA is king of corruption. Liberal media push every progressive candidate no matter how many times they have been convicted of taking bribes or kickbacks. USA is doomed

  • I absolutely agree with your idea because these "rich-as-richie-rich" companies bribe developing countries governments very easily and gain control over a local area and the competition through political influence and aggressive advertisements.

  • politicians should not be able to take any money from any source except donations by people who want to vote for them

  • Modern democracy is a failed and broken system IMHO. Republics the likes of Ancient Greece and Rome were the model of a working democratic system, they worked and lived among their people. Our world leaders need to understand the people they look after, they should live the life of their poorest individual to understand what it's like at the bottom for at least 4 months.
    UK Politicians get 2 houses, and are allowed to claim back a majority of what they spend effectively getting it for free! A lot of people now commute to work, why can't I have my home to relax in and a free second home nearer to work? It's unfair and wrong...

  • Disband multinationals

  • The power has never been in people. There is always a smart guy behind a handsome actor that have control of the people, the fact is if you educate morally to all your population the smart guy must govern with ethic. :)

  • I object because every candidate should be given a fair shot. Also you can never go against the corporations and such as you would not get the donations you need. This keeps the corporations in power, reducing any threat posed by someone against them

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