Integrity taught in schools

I think all school children should learn the meaning of integrity. If this is learned the next generation would be more compassionate, honest and better equipped to help save our human race.



  • Absolutely. The benefits need to be well documented so kids see the proof. We are all seeing the negative effect of a generation that didn't have a philosophical education. At least we are in the US.

  • Thank you for your comment , i appreciate it very much.

  • Having grade school ethics class? that sounds like a great idea!
    I wonder if the line can drawn when a society becomes too compassionate or too caring and can actually cause harm instead of the intended benefit.

  • I object because your saying ALL children, controlling again are we? Control can't teach integrity, this statement is fundamentally flawed within the constitution of this site. READ THE CONSTITUTION and then please define your own personal perspective of the meaning of the word integrity. WOW REALLY MR POW, this is whats called LAZY site management. Please DO YOUR JOB, end of.

  • Integrity and perspective - without them it is not possible to draw an accurate picture of the consequences of your actions, of the implications of your values, opinions, philosophies.

    "If your values are not grounded in wisdom and integrity then you will consistently defile wisdom and integrity."

  • A large amount of schools do this and it's influences from outside school that direct students from these teachings. Teachers at schools aren't the only people responsible for teaching students how to positively act.

  • Values such as integrity are learned at a younger age than 'school children,' younger children and even babies are soaking up the vibration and attitudes of the people that surround them.

  • if we value integrity, perhaps cultivating it within ourselves is the most effective way to contribute to the common lot <3

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