Corruption needs to be stamped out.

Law and Order - the rule of law needs to be established in every country. Countries rife with corruption such as India, Pakistan, most of South America, Italy, Turkey and Africa need help to stamp out corruption. People need to have faith in law and order.

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  • yeah people should have faith in law and order. and before law and order they must have faith in their own self and in other citizens. No one is country like this which is working without corruption.

  • I object because it's a concern and not an idea. And my concern is that too many concerns are all too agreeable making it hard for big ideas to shine through. Hope that's fair, Mr Lobster. I like your thinking and your country. Top stuff.

  • america has more corruption than all those countries combined. from our flawed education system to our excuse of a legal system and the shitfuck they call wallstreet. im a 16 year old sitting in latin class right now and i am more alert than the 80% of the oblivious americans who go throughout their whole day and dont notice one thing wrong in this world except their personal problems in their personal space becausr that is the status quo. they have the sheeple too well fed, too well clothed, and plain spoiled. sure, living conditions in america are comfortable. but how much longer can we continue to rape the land and mother earth. its been going on sence the industial age and we think it can go on forever. one day we are going to tell our kids we did the best we could even though that we didnt. if change isnt made now the world will have a sad future. its funny how presidental canidates pump millions into campaining. its funny how corparations fatten up polititions wallets to ensure laws will get passed to help said corparations profit and de-regulate the industry.its funny how all those millions the corparations and elites and presidental canidates spend every day when thousands or millions of people go wothout food or water. and we are considering more space travel and a moon base! haha fuck. lets fix this place before our virus of a species decides to go rape other planets. look at every animal on earth. they dont create trash. they dont create war. pollution. they are smarter than us! they dont destroy the host that provides them life they are in balance with the world. that is what leads me to belive humans arnt naturaly from this world. i know i might sound weird or crazy but. everyone goes about their day and everything is peaches and cream. WE ARE O I WOULD GO ON BUT I HAVE RUN OUT OF ROOM

  • I agree with the aforementioned - This is a concern, not an idea. Post if you have some practical method for combating corruption, otherwise, its more appropriate for facebook.

  • I agree with the aforementioned - This is a concern, not an idea. Post if you have some practical method for combating corruption, otherwise, its more appropriate for second ago

  • Corruption must be stamped out wherever it may be. To the politicians out there.. Kindly remember that you represent all the members of your constituency, not just the special interest groups who gave you all that money during the election.

  • Corruption does need to be stamped out... I gave you a Problematic because some of the earlier posters, I thought, might be right on their point that this is more of a concern; but nevertheless, I might change it to the inverse, because overall it is a VERY important concept. My one gripe is that you specify "people need to have faith in law and order." Suppose, however, there is no adequate law and order? Faith is something you have in a god or goddess; faith in law is foolery. I think your post cites the basic reason for that: corruption is rampant. In my country, I am disallowed the right to due process (see my post under Law, top at moment with 0 votes), should someone see fit to SAY I am a threat to myself or others, yet I am guaranteed this right by law and Constitution alike. Just, the judges really don't care what you have to say, and your lawyer doesn't care to bother making a defense, he gets paid just the same and his career is at a dead end no matter what anyway. Should I have faith in that?

    NOAHS- Haha, great minds think all too much alike, as the saying goes, no ego intended in translation there. Weird is like insane; insanity is a gift from the gods. Being too different from the world around you for anyone else to understand you or how you think is what I mean by insane; and as Disturbed sang, "Don't judge what you do not understand." You just might be insane enough to understand reason.

    In general it is to be stated (and by the way, watch how long my post is, it's likely to exceed yours in length; you could have gone on, I would have liked to have seen what you were going to say) that people only care about the 99.999+% of Earth's other inhabitants because of how well the eco system does impact us- who wants to have a silent spring? That was the manner of reasoning it took to wake people up to their *need* for Mother Earth. No songbirds in the morning?

    In particular it is to be said that yeah, there's a space station and a Moon/ previously Mars base everyone in astronomy dreams of, which would cost enough to fund medical supplies for Africa (maybe I'm exaggerating; rough approximation) for the amount of time it would be up (again, not a perfect statement, but the gist is the important part here), but it was just yesterday man made one small step for man, one giant step for mankind, and at the time there were blocks filled up in a row behind every soup kitchen in every major city, though, while Saul Alinsky wrote of it in 1970, no one mentions that part today.

    "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes;" please note, by this standard, switching back to in general, no one studies history in the world today. Otherwise NDAA would never have passed (Alien and Sedition Acts, anyone?) and nobody would bother arguing against gay rights because they would understand that there is ultimately no point besides slowing down the inevitable, and that their children and nephews will one day be avoiding mentioning certain things about their family members to their friends.

    I also agree that our species is the virus, not the antidote. Popular cult-classic The Matrix has a scene in which Smith, the main Agent character, is interrogating Morpheus, trying to get the codes to the human mainframe to shut down the human rebellion against the machines, who "grow" humans for energy and keep them plugged into a virtual world. During the interrogation, Smith tells Morpheus that humans travel from place to place, consuming all of an area's natural resources and then moving onward to do the exact same thing somewhere else. He says there is only one other species in all of existence that follows this pattern: a virus. I think Smith largely had it right. The US is full of natural resources. Why? Well, so was Greece, once... and about everywhere else. But the indigenous inhabitants of our country, who alone lived here for millennia of human history, as well as up unti

  • But the indigenous inhabitants of our country, who alone lived here for millennia of human history, as well as up until half a century ago, didn't exploit the natural resources. They left that task to the people who also brought mosquitoes from overseas, as well as kudzu, neither of which, nor a long list of other species, were here beforehand.

    TO INN GUY- (as well as last addressee)- Yeah... but why should they remember that when they know people are going to keep voting for them because they hear the words funded by the fat cats whose dollars, let's face it, in the grand scheme of things, wind up talking plain sense to you and me?

    What we need to do is do away with their ability to fund campaigns. Only private donations.

    once again, over word limit; and once again, either I've been logged out in the middle of being on, or it's just posting me as anonymous for no reason, i hate that about this site, not trying to hide who I am, would rather give myself credit for what I say, if you know what I mean:

    - PeaceandRightsHawk (named after the inversion of "War Hawk," or a historical American politician who was aptly described by his term; I am as much a "Hawk" for Rights and Liberties as they were for war, and without these there cannot be enduring peace; with these in place internationally, without infringement by one foreign power to another, there is not likely to be war; indeed, how can there be? It is my right to decide whether or not you have sway over my country, and war itself breaks rights down by itself)
    (No, it actually wasn't taken, which I found slightly sad; it was not parked, either-- Go Daddy didn't see fit to bother... that is the state of the public concern of mental healthcare civil rights today)

    Feel free to email me if you like what I post on this site, if you have criticism, if I didn't notice a reply; I may not get back to you right away, as I do not check my email very often at present, mainly because I have nothing in that email- it is strictly for civil rights work; but I am interested in networking on the subjects of:

    mental health civil rights
    lessening the power of the elite and powerful, particularly the burgeoning international kind that seems to be budding, and forwarding a global body of People who are interested in democracy on an international level largely independent of their individual governments, on which last account I am on this exact site, and happily so; I was actually trying to start something similar (and it was slow), when I happened on this site after a random YouTube search on a whim

    (you have no idea how things can hinge around a whim if you haven't lived my life- I met my fiancee/ girlfriend technically, until finances come into place, after going with my friend to get his computer fixed on something akin to a whim)

  • I object because, as others have stated here, this is merely the declaration of a problem, with no suggestion made as to how it could be resolved.

    It is far easier to coerce a small group than a larger one. Therefore, the rule of the many, democracy, is more naturally immune from corrupting influence than the rule of the few, oligarchy, or rule of the one, monarchy. : ) > -

  • global direct democracy will fix this when countries are subjected to certain global laws which will ensure fairness.

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