End the death penalty

Make it illegal for any country to execute a prisoner for any reason.

Yes or no? I don't know where I stand on this issue and I would like to here from everyone.



  • I tend to say yes in regards of ending the death penalty, but this does remain a very controversial topic. I'm glad someone brought it up on here. I personally believe that no man, no matter what the faults, deserves to have their life ended. I believe it makes a stronger, better nation to show this quality. Besides, having someone be in jail the rest of their life with the layers upon layers of guilt and regret is a great punishment in my opinion.

  • The POW can not make anything illegal only suggest it should be.

  • The State (Governmetn) has no business killing its citizens. The Stateshould not deal in death. Defence yes, murder no.

  • I object because there are some people who can only pay for their crime by being put to death e.g. a serial killer.

  • Waylon, you forgot to suggest a way to make him "pay" for his life if he is to live out the rest of it and avoid being taken care of by the taxpayers of his country.

    As it is they get free room and board, free food, cable, access to law books, free medical care, and who knows what else. It seems that prisoners are better off than the most law abiding poor of our country who are working trying to make ends meet. Why should we take care of people who have no regard for human life?

    Do I agree with ending a life? Not usually, but I don't agree with letting real criminals get away with living out their lives without paying either.

    "Working" in the prison kitchen or farm doesn't seem to be any way to repay the citizens of their country for what they have done, the expense of a trial, or the cost of housing them until the end of their natural life.

    Working outside the prison wouldn't be an option because no one would want a convicted murderer in their homes working on their plumbing or landscaping. You could never leave them alone to build a house, work on an assembly line, or bag your groceries. This would also take away jobs from the general public.

    If we were to put an end to the death penalty, if murder meant living better than you did outside prison, could you imagine the chaos? What kind of taxes would we have to pay to keep these people alive for 20 years? 50 years or more? Are building more prisons to keep these people alive worth the loss of innocent lives? If it came down to raising taxes to pay for a murder's life or putting food on the table for your child, what would you honestly choose?

    By all means fight for life where it is deserved, but if the death penalty stays and it is known for a fact that a person is guilty... say three or more witnesses to the crime, I have a solution. Give them time to say goodbye and make their peace, put them under anesthesia and donate their organs to those in need.

  • I object because there are truely heinous humans that need to be removed from society for their crimes against there fellow humans.

  • YES, BUT, if you illegalize the death penalty, it will further crowd already overcrowded prisons, therefore, legalize Cannabis and you'll have your abolishment of the barbaric death penalty. If that seems like an odd solution, you know nothing about prison statistics.

  • I partly agree, but I can't vote YES for this.
    What would you charge the people who would usually get death penalties with? Life imprisonment? Might that be even more unbearable?

    While ending the death penalty is a nice idea, sometimes it really is needed. What if the person charged with a death penalty has killed thousands? What if the person is a known criminal and has broken out of imprisonment numerous times?

    The thing is, death penalties can sometimes be given to innocents, which is what we really need to worry about. Until we can create a better law system, death penalties might be the only way, as long as imprisonment is not an option.

    I personally think that maybe there is a way for productive imprisonment. Could the prisoners somehow given back to the world while still in prison? I honestly don't know.

    As long as death penalties are given for legitimate reasons and with enough evidence, I suggest that it stays, even though I don't feel it's right. I just don't think that life imprisonment is a better alternative. I would rather be given a swift death then live the rest of my days in a prison.

  • I object because there are offenses that warrant the death penalty. Some would be serial murder, that was stated earlier, and anything involving someone who harms children.

  • I object because there are offenses that warrant the death penalty. Some would be serial murder, that was stated earlier, and anything involving someone who harms children.

  • As long as there are people on the surface of our world who can have a grudge against each other; as long as there are some benefitting from others death; as long as there are governments or local cabinets with strong own opinions differing from those of their opposite; as long as humans are humans that can be wrong, as long I hope there is no base in the law which allows in the consequence an irreversible punishment through death.
    It is simple to separate punshment through death from prison sentence. The aim of the prison is to save the comunity. The aim of death is to punish people, an admission to the lowest instincts of humans. A planned death is murdering, no more, no less.

  • To allow the possibility of punishment throgh death is to allow the possibility of innocent people. Even one innocent between one million guilty peoples is not acceptable and the rate is many times higher.
    One thing I could not decide is, if imprisoners should have the right to choose death instead of spending their lifetime in prison. Considering this object there are many other problems to discuss.

  • Sorry, but I share the same point of view as our PM and most of the other ptiaoicll personalities of the island.I think that prisons have become some sort of 3 stars hotel in Mauritius. Going there is like getting some paid holidays with food (FROM YOUR MONEY) and training (in doing crimes better).Hit them, torture them, they get hold of the human rights commission. Do they expect us to be gentle with them? That's what I think we are actually doing. Please, do not take me wrong, I am only giving an idea of what can really make you hate criminals and wish to see them hanged instead of having them back after 2 years en tole Did they care when they raped your sister/mother or slaughtered your cousin? Or when they broke into your house and tied you and tortured your wife sexually in front of you? Prisons are meant to be a hell for those there I will take an example of a guy who murdered an old man with a knife just after he got out of prison Why? He admitted it, he wanted to go back there again. This took place in Rose Hill a few months ago, if am not mistaken of course.Sure there are exceptions but I believe that's why we have laws The same laws should not be used to protect those who with bad deeds from death Finally, just ask yourself : Why are our prisons so filled up with criminals? Being being the bars is not a torture anymore, C'est un plaisir at least, it seems so .

  • A large amount of people who break laws will break them again and again, some can be made in to better people, some can't. Regardless of the amount of time spent within an institution for breaking laws, the people who can't be made better, won't. When they are released they will be more harmful than helpful to the people who follow the law.

  • No, this would not work. Taking away the death penalty will be costly to the country in almost every sense. There are some people who do deserve to die for their crimes, murdering 5 people is not a reason to keep these people alive with a chance to get back out into society for 'good behavior'.

  • I object because at times the death penalty is needed.. Our jails are full and already release people quicker then they need too. I believe in the death penalty to an extent, it would be much nicer if we could just find out if we can make a huge zones for the people their for life. They could be put to work on government and/ or a 3ed parity who operates the zone with the government to make that product. Jail or artificial community?

  • The death penalty does not discourage crimes punishable by death. If I am going to kill you because you killed someone, then shouldn't I also be killed... and the person who kills me should also be killed..... and so on?

  • I agree. Nobody has the right to take the life of another.... and just because the person on death roll did isn't an excuse to take THEIRS! And anybody that knows right from wrong knows I'm right about this.

  • I say yes x 1000. Nobody diserves to die.

  • good and I ME and MYSELF agree.

  • I object because there are those who can only be stopped from killing others by their permanent removal from society. We do not have the resources to control such people.

  • When you have the death penalty it poses the problem of innocent people dieing when they are wrongly convicted, plus death is wrong by any means. Aren't all the rights in the world there to protect human life? Then why just have the death penalty?

  • the death penalty should be reserved for a select few, like Kony, Hitler, someone who has committed major atrocities.

  • Yes! Killing someone who killed someone else only seem hypocritical. We tell people they are not allowed to judge whether someone can live or die, but then we pay the courts to do it. I don't think anyone should play God, especially the legal system. The biggest issue I have is that there have been 1000s of innocent people put to death. I feel if one innocent person is put to death by the legal system then that is a unforgivable sin we as society condone.

  • I do not support the death penalty because historically throughout recorded history, the largest minority within the society, is the group that has the highest execution rates, which is inherently unfair and bias.
    As for the most destructive members of society (ie serial killers, mass murderers, those who commit treason, etc) keeping them incarcerated allows for them to be studied. What we know now, compared to 40 years ago, on profiling criminal behavior and/or deviant behavior, has grown considerable because of the studying of incarcerated criminals by social scientists and medical professionals (with ethical standards). Ideally this will lead to more knowledge, early identification and the saving of human life through prevention of violent crimes.

  • death penalty should be shut down. it's not making any difference in crime level, if there is death penalty or not in a state. so it's cruel and it's a crime.

  • If you caught someone who had killed 20,000 people wouldn’t you just want to kill them

  • rapists murderers and other sadistic criminals who have shown no remorse and perhaps committed several offences especially preying on the young or weak should be ground up into a paste, mixed with water and sprayed on the forest.
    That way perhaps they end up being something good like fresh air or a table.

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