green roofs

I feel our urban area are in dire need of Green Gareden roofs. greenery on the roofs would allow respite for city warey souls as well as provide food as well as save energy costs and in sufficient numbers will counteract globalwarming as it will decrese the albedo of black rooftops... thoughts comments questions..



  • What an interesting idea! If many cities participate in this, I'm sure the rate of climate change will decrease at a good rate.

  • very cool

  • Flat roofs of course but what about sloping roofs? The POW should promote this.

  • I'm sure small parks and such could be built right into some of the larger structures that will surely be built in the coming century..

  • Warnock don't forget about vertical gardens.They too would help with summer heat and pollution by helping clean the air with no ground space taken. Not only would they be environmentally friendly, they would benefit the local neighborhood emotionally.

    Window boxes where people could grow fresh vegetables would also be a tremendous help. It's a small start but it is a start especially for those who cannot afford fresh foods. Every window should have a small food/flower garden. If each person were responsible for just a small part of their own food that would be a tremendous load off our planet not only by way of vertical space, but by total number of people to feed.

    A neighborhood co-op where food is shared could be planted on rooftops or in neighborhood gardens that teach children cooperation, good eating habits, and work ethics from a young age. It also assures that the residents of each building garden get to know each other, help each other, and therefore become a more close nit "community" in their own right.

    Sloping roofs would give the structure more help with cooling if it was just grass babelfish. Depending on the slop you could still have a garden there. The outer walls could also hold a vertical garden.

    Fruit trees or berry shrubs could be planted along bike trails instead of letting them grow wild or planting for beauty alone. There are so many options if we just stop to think about it and each other.

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  • agree more could be done to make better use of structures

  • Plant more trees

    by 000001041, in Environment, for *Global on January 5, 2012, 9:19 pm 17 votes |72 views

    While "talking" about global warming all the time and how we can reduce harmful emissions why don't we plant more trees. It's not that hard. There's plenty of space for them and they cool the atmosphere. Seems to me the planet is feeling the pinch because we chopped down too many native forests (ok I hear you ... apart from other issues) . Not only will it cool the planet but it will also provide more shelter for our wildlife.

  • This would require a big change in how buildings are designed to make the roof gardens easy to access so food can be taken from them and weeds can be removed. There are better locations for gardens that would cost significantly less to make friendly to plants.

  • I object because it should be up to individuals to decide if they want to do this not through force

  • Seriously? Gardens on the roofs to be subject to CHEMTRAILS? The only 'safe' way to grow gardens would be organic heirlooms seeds in a GREENHOUSE which had extra shielding from chemtrails intended to poison us. Any attempt to "save the Earth" should be totally optional.

  • A better balance between concrete and gardens, and local production of food would not only improve local environment, but also decrease energy expenditure in production and transportation of these goods. An important side effect, I believe, would be engaging people of all ages and backgrounds in working close by and even together. Only good things from this idea!

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