It is proposed in many science textbooks that light is a wave. the interesting thing about it though is that it acts as though it is a particle. So research was done, and we stick to "it's a wave" but still aren't sure. I think research should be done to check this, as it might be life itself. Light is energy, like we are. It acts like we do; when we die, do we become light?



  • Light being a wave or particle has been a controversial discussion for years and will continue to be. There is always research going on on this topic I believe. There are scientists who study this exact topic. One day, we will have a non-ambiguous answer. Hopefully, further research will open new doors in the science world by finding new, unintended discoveries that will progress the world. I highly doubt, though, that when living organisms die, they become light (Of course I'm always willing to be proven wrong if the right proof is shown). Now, the topic of "What happens to the energy in our brain after we're dead?" has always been a lingering question in both the philosophical world and scientific world. I'm unsure of any progress on that question.

  • The large hadron collider is a multiple billion dollar microscope that we paid for to look at the smallest of small particles. It is hard to tell from their pr whether they will advance the wave or particle dilemma that lies at the very bottom of existence. Because the people of the world paid for it, LHC should have a website with a questions and answers forum that helps people like us understand what work is being done, in lay terms, but also answers questions like yours in lay terms, if they can spare a couple of their thousands of scientists to interface with the people in the world in this way. Not saying they are doing the wrong thing, just that they could value add for us taxpayers and lay thinkers who support them.

  • I object because this should be discussed in some other form site, it has nothing to do with the objects of global democracy

  • Babelfish, this website is not about promoting a physical global democracy, it's about citizens coming together from around the world to share different issues, concerns, and ideas about the world we live in and hopefully get those ideas out to the so the world knows about and does something about them. Objecting to this post because it does not promote a physical global democracy is really unnecessary. JohnJed has an idea he wishes to share with us; if you object to the content of his idea, then it's necessary to object and improve his thought.


  • The uncertainty principle states that "any act of measurement actually forces the particle to choose a position". This particle, if unobserved, is actually existing in multiple locations at the same time. This is based on general statistics and probability spectrum. Usually a bell curve of probable positions is the actual position.

  • I don't believe this is important within the context of making the world better and I'm sure scientists are working on this regardless of what we do or don't have to say about it.

  • I object because we already do that and you are considerably behind in the particle wave duality research.

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  • I object because- wrong format. Try 'Sciences'.

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