"Human Integration on POW" changing the voting system

We need to set a Messages option between members, including admins. And as addition to the missing category for the economy and for the religion, We need one for a forum, where we can discuss these problems or proposals.

The idea is to bring issues like this to the forum, for Example:

Creating a voting system that will unify our ideas, instead of separating them, exposing the truth about the problems and the solution. And I will explain this.

Changing the idea that POW has, of presented to the world the most popular proposal, for an idea that aims to presented to the world the request for an international recognition as a Nobel Prize for example, for a document that explains what we have to change to begint the solution to end the global and human crisis . Through a international recognition, the document will transcends to humanity because of its relevance.

Proposing ideas that have two states selected by the author: Main Proposals or Derived Proposals.

This option will allow us to create a diagram of ideas, that shares a main idea. where we can vote for each of the ideas, and these votes will count, for that group, and that group will compete for the order of the priorities of the "POW proposals for reach the world with a document information", with other groups, through the majority of vote.but all proposals will be documented.

This group of ideas will take shape through everyone.

The idea is that this information reaches everyone, because as well as POW is nothing without us, neither is any government system.

The union of a proposal to another, either as a Derived Proposals, or as a Main Proposals, will be created by the approval of the authors of the proposal, adding an option to request the union, and a dialog box, that allows to reach an agreement.

such unions of proposals, can only be separated by voting against that union, in an internal system of voting of a group of ideas, and only the members of that group of ideas can vote.

If a proposal joins a group of ideas, the authors of the idea will not be able to manage the idea, because of the voting system given the authority to the groups of ideas, and is controlled by the majority of the members, and not by the author of the main idea.

Without missing respect for the admins. I understand that this proposal should have enough votes to get their attention, but is eminent that we do not know if they plan to change the POW issues.

By voting for a proposal you become a member of this proposal, from that proposal down to the diagram sequence.

If no response within two weeks after this publication, then it will be clear that there are no intention to solve the problem. This idea is all ready on the net.

If you want to participate vote, leave the space of the comments for the admins so they can manifest and say whether they will open a forum to discuss this.

Do not make premature or negative comments, if you do not like it vote no, and do not put uncivilized and ignorant comments in the comments box, if you have a better idea make your own proposal somewhere else, Thanks.

Sorry if I look like rude, that is the result of failing to communicate properly due to the system. but is not as it seems, love and peace for all.



  • Thank you for this feedback. Good ideas.

  • Thank you very much! Now we know that you get the message of the proposal, would be great to use this proposal, to inform us when we will have a forum, and what plans you have in this matter.

  • I as a programmer and social community developer, see all this would take a considerable time. Then there is the need to keep the site simple and not to complex as the later would possible chase world citizens away. I am very much on your side however and I have already been told that the admin are looking at the possibilities of making the site much better.

  • Create a new category for the forum, is as easy as making a copy and paste from an existing category and then change the title. The intention is that the admins tell us if they plan to do anything and when.

    If they decide to put a forum, everyone will have the possibility of post ideas, point of views and proposals, on this Website.

    Although, my idea of ​​the voting system came from the flow diagrams that I use for programming industrial machines with the Allen Bradley program. I believe that is not complicated, but as this was an example, my ideas and opinions must be expressed in the right place, which is the forum.

    It makes no sense to fill the dialog box with comment, if the admins does not express first what they think they will do. The note of the comment from the admin, that they read the proposal, does not mean they will do something, yet.

    I will repeat, please leave the dialog box space for the Admins!.
    I insist!, that the admins have to tell us if they plan to do anything and when?
    And that requires no more than two weeks.
    The fact that they has read the proposal does not mean anything, if they do not express their intentions on the comments in the dialog box.

  • This piece was a liefjakcet that saved me from drowning.

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