Demanding more transparency from mainstream media

There is no TRUE democracy without valid & factual information being reported that isn't pushed by someone else's hidden agenda. Current mainstream media are still part of the problem not yet the solution. The world as we know it will be better if most journalists & medias would be allowed to do their work with integrity & conscience.

As an example of mainstream media creating a bias, pushing specific candidates, using rigged polls & other immoral actions. Just look at the damage caused by FOX News (property of Rupert Murdoch) over the years : misreporting of wars, bias towards G.W. Bush, destroying anyone's credibility who is anti-war, lying consistently, etc. Even other major news channels are no better : look at their treatment of the republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. There is almost a media blackout on him not only in the United States but in Canada & other Western countries as well.

At least, social medias & Youtube are the new alternatives & paradigms that challenges the MSM control over what people should THINK or perceive their world to be. To think independently for ourselves requires listening to many different perspectives, doing our homework & research dutifully, etc.



  • I agree! Real journalism is lost! It really does need to be brought back into this world. Although I do think that hearing different opinions is just as important as hearing the facts. Unfortunately, some people's opinions are based off of incorrect facts these days.

  • The POW can not demand anything only suggest and advise unfortunately.

  • all the mainstream media are owned by private corporations and u and i know that their first priority is not delivery of valid info,i suggest we get 3 different opinions on the same issue.

  • The problem is not that there is is no real journalism out there. The consumers want to be entertained not informed. It's comfortable to hear only the own opinion, that is why they spent their money for non-informing mainstream media. These companies then dominate the information system and manipulate the consumers. I do not believe in a simple way destroying this circle, if there was such a way anyone in the history should have tryed to establish it. The problem is not as young as you think but for the POW it would be the most difficult and greatest problem ever. It is a problem that cannot be solved but curbed with an increased uncoupling from government, public-driven financial aspects and censorship within the media.

  • That's not just the best aswner. It's the bestest answer!

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