Conformity: What Constitutes Happiness?

I have found that even in the most individualistic societies that conformity inevitable. What's hard to figure out is wondering whether this a good thing or not. Living in an extremely individualistic society, The United States, I have found that while the government allows for the society to "be itself" on the larger scale, the smaller scale shows a divide in what is considered to be a Majority and a Minority of people. And on the even smaller scale, social groups are even divided. Someone is always left out, even in a society that promotes individualism. Now the question that arises out of this is, who is happier? The individualist, or the conformer? And which one is which?



  • Possible a good reason for world citizens to have a voice.

  • Not only a voice, but we need a society where people aren't afraid to be themselves. I know this has been said before, but it's never really been seen.

  • Freedom of Opportunity - if you feel safe, are educated, healthy, have food, clothes and shelter and have an established rule of law. Only then can you pursue opportunity. This is the ultimate form of existence for mankind. To pursue individual and collective opportunity. Art, finance, business, science, research or idleness. Look around the world where youth unemployment is over 20% - riots and civil unrest and the growing darkness of right wing ideology follow. Four years unemployed so far and we are in trouble. Governments in Europe, Africa and America need to do more.

  • Open transparency and community are key. The internet potential would be greatly advanced if the opportunity for expression , discussion and participation on a global basis were truly utilized. Individual freedom must be preseved !

  • AbyssaNightmare, I apologize if this post does not fit the template you wish to have read, but could you please specify on why the idea posted is something you disagree with? That would be most helpful in actually coming up with a solution.

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