Syndicalist Democracy

In response to 'Standard of Compliance' by rhandley, in which he proposes a method of firing politicians before their term is up, I propose a model which may make this more feasible:

It is based on 5 principles

1) The seats in parliament would be given to the highest voted candidates. Rather than one seat per geographic constituency which contains voters who are unrepresented. Seats would be given by absolute numbers of votes. Your representative is the closest match to your views, irrespective of geography. The constituency is based on your ideology rather than where you live.

2) The syndicate is responsible for managing the politician and has the power to remove him/her from office if they are not performing.

3) Voters and companies pay their taxes and political contributions to the syndicate and have the power to change sides at any time.

4) The syndicate employees are paid a premium based on how much tax revenue they bring in, the level of this premium must be a standard percentage across all syndicates. Contributions can only be used for party objectives.

5) All taxes and contributions made by private enterprise must be made public. That way a voter can buy products from companies in line with their ideology. The next killer app will tell you which products come from companies you agree with politically.

So parliament has power over the syndicates and citizens. The syndicate has power over the politicians. And the citizens have power over the syndicates.

Some problems come to mind, ie collusion between parliament and syndicates, a constitutional framework would have to ensure any changes made to the basic operation passes through a referendum first.

A premium based on aggregate tax revenue would make tax cuts an unfavourable topic. Perhaps a premium by head count?

In short, it is still susceptible to lies and propaganda but to a lesser extent. And it depends on competition, parliament needs greater incentives to maintain and enforce strong anti trust regulation of the syndicates. Without a broad diversity of opinion, this would collapse.

But the benefits are that your representative actually represents you, popular ideas which are shunned in the media would gain ground and it brings the dynamics of market forces into government. People will literally be voting with their feet.

Also, can anyone think of a better name for this?

Syndicalist sounds a bit too left wing for my taste.



  • Trust imagine the POW trying to tell world governments this new idea of governance, would they listen, would they see that he is credible? There is no perfect governance system all can end up being corrupt in this case the syndicates would.

  • Yet again, I must apologize to babelfish for interpreting my ideas as an attempt at perfect governance. I think it's pretty obvious that this idea is a work in progress. Perhaps we should all write our posts in Tagalog so that our self proclaimed policeman of the POW can understand the nuances?

  • Why can't the people take the person out of office? Or just not re-elect the person?

  • Well at present there is no method for the people to remove someone from office for breaking promises. Other than impeachment which requires a great deal of contempt across the board. The idea is to reduce unrealistic campaign promises for the sake of winning votes.

    If the power to remove a politician during their term is built into the system, the peoples will is a constant threat to their career. Not just when the media decides it is. They are our employees and we should have the power to fire them and not have to give up our working days protesting to do so.

    It's also an answer to rampant special interests. Call me old fashioned but I do not believe we can get rid of special interest groups. Our best hope is to know which of those groups our own money is being spent on.

  • I object because I am following a gut instinct on this one.

  • That has to be the wisest objection I've read so far. I must admit I feel the same way. But I think we have to get the ball rolling in terms of new ideas, actionable, structural changes which are feasible.

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