Universal International Exchange

Enable (or require) all people to live away from their culture of origin for a couple of years in adolescence or young adulthood. Preferably away from their birth family with a host family - think of it as swapping kids with another family for a few years. This will break down language and cultural barriers, shatter ethnocentrism, possibly even eliminate racism.



  • I object because there's no way you would be able to get everyone to swap there kids. Lack of funding, Lack of trust, Lack of maternal family in adolescence is just too soon, maybe at a more legal age like 18.

  • Change the word "enable (or require) to encourage (facilitate) and I agree!

  • I object because this already goes on and when I lived in UK I supplied accommodation to Asian teenagers on such a scheme, but it was not kid swap. However its important that background checks are done on hosting families impossible in most countries so I see this idea as being problematic, I have lived visited countries I would not send my kids too, lets look at a few I have not been too Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Palestine and there are others even in the country I have retired to, on Islands that are dangerous as a foreigner to live on. Now I ask would you send your kids to any area of the world that has many forms of danger? I would suggest even if your flesh and blood was over 18 you would have many reservations. Your idea is a good one but in reality bloody dangerous.

  • Definitely "Enable" or "Encourage", but perhaps not "require". I like this idea.

  • I agree with 1281 and 004. Here is an exerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_clan#Social_ties

    In fosterage, the chief's children were brought up by favoured members of the leading clan gentry (traditionally the mother's brother or similar, i.e. in another clan), whose children in turn were brought up by other favoured members of the clan (again the mother's brother or the like - i.e. in another clan). This brought about intense ties and reinforced inter-clan cohesion.

    Having lived with many foreigners at uni and spent time abroad living with another family I can tell you it does do those things. In Britain, we know nothing of the outside world! Now I do.

  • I object because I don't like the use of the parenthetical phrase "or require". While lack of exposure to other cultures can be an issue to a closed mind, exploring those cultures in person is unlikely to change such a person's viewpoints.

  • I object because this is only a good idea in world, where dangers exist, in some regions more than in other countries. It is not practical, parents would refuse it because it is against human nature to give a child away. Maybe if its encouraged as #1281 said or enabled over 18, its ok.

  • Do encourage, don't enforce. Some schools have temporary students from other countries but it is something the students want to do, not something that is compulsary.

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