If we're going to explore space, we should develop a code of conduct in case of any contact with any race, sentient or non-sentient

Space is a fascinating thing, our galaxy is incredibly vast. It is only natural human instinct to want to explore it. I believe that even though current scientific theory has difficulty with any kind of faster than light travel, it seems necessary for us to develop it to explore space, or visit possibly inhabited planets such as Keplar 22b. After we've solved the world's problems of course, we will likely begin to explore space. And therefore I think it is very important that we put together some kind of code of conduct, or set of laws, for how we should act if we find any kind of life out there, sentient or non-sentient. For example, if we were to travel to a planet (lets call it Alpha) and discover a planet with some incredible rich vegetation and animal life that we have never seen before, but no sentient life. We should make sure that whatever we do doesn't turn out like Columbus arriving in America. We do not should not disrupt anything that is already living in classic human fashion. We must preserve that planet's originality. Also with possibly an inferior sentient race, which would be likely as finding a superior or equal race. We should be very careful about revealing our presence or sharing our technology, because that could have some very destructive repercussions with that civilisation. We should effectively establish a 'Prime Directive', and for those who were thinking this sounded very inspired by Star Trek, you were correct.




  • I am glad other planets that are like earth are so far away, too far for us to travel and hope it stays that way.

  • or if they find us, maybe a protocol for who we shove to the front of the crowd to try and communicate with them..

  • I believe if we do come into contact with a sentient or non-sentient that this would be a very good idea. Kind of like our existing Emergency Protocol's most humans follow today. However, I also believe that if they come into contact with us that they will more than likely have been studying us for quite some time (possibly even now) & they will be able to communicate with us rather than us trying to communicate with them.

  • Remember some of our ideas versed towards them could also be their ideas versed towards us.

  • Keplar 22b is 600 light years away from Earth even if we sent a probe at light speed it would take 600 years for it to arrive? I think such things as Space Trek have shown mot of that have watched that great care has to be taken and possible guidelines when confronted with sentinel alien life forms. But I have an Idea we may have that problem in a couple of thousand years or so in the future. I think its pretty clear that when it comes to form of science that the POW should be more down to earth namely our solar system. That such can be put on a back burner, to much looking into the future could seem to some he is barmy. But of course the POW should promote space exploration and developments that have a spin off as being useful to the world of technology on our home planet.

  • If they have the technology to reach us they are observing and probably watching in horror as we senselessly kill one another over politics.

  • I think we just have to remember: We don't want to fight them, and they don't want to fight us. We're just as afraid of them, as they are afraid of us. That is, if we ever come into contact with other life.

  • "After we solve the world's problems of course" - I had to just stop reading there, because solving the world's problems is what this website is ALL ABOUT. Proposing solutions to problems that won't exist until such time as this site becomes obsolete, is useless.

  • In the event we do encounter an advanced alien race, either they will take our planet for their own, since its resources are incredibly rare, or they'll be peaceful, but our paranoid and prejudiced rednecks will fire first. Either way, we're toast.

  • I agree, unless interplanetary travel is common tomorrow, this is not necessary to invest in at this time. In 200 years it may be a necessity.

  • If we were going owned by aliens I think it would have already happened?
    If you look at life on earth, the most successful is the life that benefits everything around it. This makes me worried for the human race, however we are a highly altruistic species but only when we are dealing with other humans unfortunately. If this is a good rule for survival (being of benefit to everything around you) then the most successful aliens will be happy to take us into their culture when we finally do find them. Human being must also take this approach and attempt to benefit whatever life we find in the universe but in a self preserving sort of way.
    On the other side, if getting the edge and being the best at whatever the cost (as also shown in nature also) is the key to survival then the human race should take this approach and completely use anything and everything with the goal of self preservation.

  • It is too early for this to be a concern while we have so many terrestrial problems to solve. Within the future this will be a good idea but within the present this idea is a very low priority.

  • I have copied and pasted the idea i have posted
    Interstellar laws (if we ever found large numbers of intellegences in the universe)

    by Anonymous, in Sciences, for *Global on June 15, 2012, 2:59 pm 0 votes |1 views

    If we ever find intelligent life it is important for the government to have contingincy orders for how we handle the natives. Like if they are in the neandrathalic stage should we make them worship us, will we advance thier culture and technolagy? Should we show them the terrors of war and the atom bomb, should we help them setup thier own democracy, or enslave them?.
    Now what if we found them in a time like the early 2000s, would we leave or stay?What if they are extrmelly paranoid and wish to destroy us? Would we stand and fight risking war throughout the cosmos?
    What if we discovered discovered them in a star trek type ere where they own many planets under one government. Would we join them? Or would we just go home. OR what if they were run by a dictatership that was harmfull to our global democracy? Would we attempt to convert them to a democracy or would we try to destroy them in war, Which would probably be a bad idea to mess with people with such power???

    So the forest of question marks grows.
    Please respond with ideas about laws of interstellar travel.

  • I have had these ideas for some time as well, a future like Star Trek (with less wars I hope) is what I envision for humanity's future!
    Let us unite the whole world! On this planet and the next!

  • Do you realize how remote the chances are of there being any kind of life? Even Dawkins who said he'd believe in aliens before any God admitted that he doesn't believe there is any life that we'd be able to get in contact with for quite some time.

    And honestly, the chances are only remote if there isn't a God.

    If there is a God, then their is no chance unless God actually created life on another planet and simply never made any mention of it.

    As for me, I believe in God, and because of this, I also believe that there is almost definitely no other sentience in the universe that we would ever come into actual contact with that we don't already have a form of contact with.

    And even if I didn't believe in God and I were an Atheist, the chances are so remote, they might as well not even exist at all.

  • However, for the sake of the just-in-case scenario, we can make a simple rule, treat them as we would have them treat someone from our own planet.

    After all, I cannot say for sure, who can? Only God can, and He hasn't said.

  • I object because : We have a code of conduct already, its called chainsaws and faces, you win.

  • I object because : Flamethrowers were invented by man. Someone once said "I want to set that on fire, but I don't want to get close to it.

  • I disagree because of the following: According to mathematical calculations, since the universe is so vast, containing so many galaxies and planets, by sheer mathematical probability there would have to be a multitude of extraterrestrial species, many of those likely sentient and highly advanced due to the high number.

    However, the Fermi Paradox (here is a link to some info if you're not familiar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox) calls to attention this detail--if extraterrestrial life, including sentient alien life, is so prevalent, why has there been literally no trace of an attempt at contact, or any record of what could be left by another sentient species, such as energy signatures or light rays? For this reason, if there is life out there, it is logically very unlikely that conditions have brought another sentient race besides ourselves into existence.

    Ultimately, it seems that contacting another sentient race is either impossible or highly unlikely, and therefor, let's focus on more important issues like solving world hunger or ending all war or something. ;) Cheers!

    If you'd like to read up on some current information on the calculations for sentient life in our galaxy, here's a Wiki link detailing the controversial Drake Equation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drake_equation#Original_estimates
    and here's a nice tidbit from HowStuffWorks: http://science.howstuffworks.com/space/aliens-ufos/extraterrestrial-life-odds.htm

  • Agreed. Don’t you think it’s wierd that there’s a Tesla up there right now just floating around!

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