As said by the famous Dr House. "It is the human condition that everybody lies" and "We are selfish based creatures crawling on this earth. But because we have brains we aspire to achieve something that is less than pure evil" sooner we realise that and actually commit to work as a community with rules to stop selfishness. There is no hope for a Global Democracy. This isn't a solution but it is an Idea which needs to be said.



  • If this does not work well is O.K. because this will be the platform that gave shape to the idea of the proposed of "Human Integration on Philosophy" and is free of will and does not depend on minority control. Check the proposal! She takes over the will of the negative comments to become more autonomous. Give a look also to the comments in it.

  • This website isn't trying to create an actual physical global democracy. It's trying to unite different opinions on the world so that they can be released to the world through the growing and strong social media. Once this website becomes more and more popular, the world will know this website and they will listen. This website will work and is a solution.

  • Being selfish or selfless is as uncontrollable as all of the traits people can have. Actions are more important than why those actions do happen.

  • That's really thinking of the hhgeist order

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