Debates about the human condition, meaning etc., have reached a conclusion. We know the answers, we know the barriers.

Start breaking down the latter and implementing the former.



  • But the POW can only advise this and has no power to impose

  • Babelfish if we create a perfect proposal that does not follow any law to break the universal laws, then that idea will demand international recognition for that proposal, and we will promote the intention through POW, or you can choose to be part of the problem that the problem face and you should know the problem of that, or you do not know?
    we can not lie to our consciousness or the collective consciousness......!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • your point is certainly a fact, and the fact that the percentage of people aware of that fact do nothing to change that fact is also true"one more fact". And i will take this point as one of the problems being addressed in our philosophical proposal "Human integration on philosophy" that considering the demand of all, and agreeing on the same principle to thinking the solution to all our problems of existence. 1 vote for your point.

  • I all ready request this from GD
    I would be pleased if you read all the text as it is a solution of a problem. Thanks!

    In order to integrate the ideas that all add, why not add the possibility that these proposals could invite another proposal to be part of that proposal as part of the points of this proposal, and the opposite.and that the invitation allows a dialogue between those involved so that they can agree and share votes as a group because they have the same type of nature but in different order, but keeping individual votes, to highlight its importance rather than compete with each other.

    The fact that ideas compete for importance only have the results of separate them, when in fact all our ideas are important and only need a place to match in order.

    These invitations should have a voting options by those involved in a chain of ideas only to indicate whether they agree or disagree with this union of ideas, and a dialog box to discuss the reasons why agree or disagree, to prevent a person takes possession of the ideas they proposed, but does not belong to him.

    And this can be done from one idea to another causing a chain of ideas that highlighting the order of the ideas of the same nature by the order on the chain and the most urgent by the votes of an idea on a chain of ideas. on the same order by votes.
    To get the Human Integration!

  • Basically giving the originator of an idea the credit for the original idea & then grouping corresponding ideas together with a similar idea. Is that correct?

  • I think what he's trying to say is that we should no longer be just discussing the problems of humanity on this website, we should present solutions as that is what will progress the global community. I do agree with this very much and I like your idea. I did vote for it. However, I do feel that if someone wants to bring up a certain condition of society or humanity, that person is welcome to. This is a place to express ideas on anything! Not only solutions. But I do like your point.

  • I'm sorry if my previous comment goes against other comments here, it is purely a comment on the idea given by adew8 and not any comments after it.

  • Thiinnkg like that is really amazing

  • What a plruease to find someone who thinks through the issues

  • What a joy to find such clear thingink. Thanks for posting!

  • Good job making it apepar easy.

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