rip up all current legal codes

Any new legal codification could be simplified if the focus was on protection of people and their rights and not on the rights of property.

People first, property second, profits never.

Simple really

Idea for the world


  • Excellent idea, I would add a way to protect this idea of ​​being corrupt using a natural mechanism, I would say that your idea is part tacit and is accompanied by the proposed "Human integration on Laws". Should be a way to complement proposals that converge on the same nature. Because the purpose of the people who are part of this movement is to integrate our ideas for a solution. 1 Vote for your idea!

  • I object because in reality its not simple changing codes is far more easier but problematic

  • I will be explicit. If we can show the majority of mankind that these laws do not control our actions (even talking about those who are in the power) and that we have universal laws for our principles, values ​​and human rights. Then we will have human as babelfish who join the cause.

  • Remember It's not just about the people. It's our world. Meaning every living being, plant, & animal. Sometimes humans can be blindsightedly selfish. But it's definately a good start.

  • Depending on what your human rights are based on, on a law of a government, or on human rights based on universal laws of human principles, values and rights, resulting from the philosophical scientific principle of observation of living organisms and cells that do not compete between them as we do, or for example cells being aware to not interfere with the actions of other cells, understanding that they are part of a single living being.
    These laws are created under the same principles of physics to give an example of them in breaking the laws on the cells generated as a result Cancer, and the end of a living organisms.

    There is not a legal property law that violates human rights, and this is a fact.

  • I'm not sure if this is a fact. I think property rights can do good, but they also can put people in misery. It´s very simple: yesterday, one could get food or wood in the nature, for free. Now, everything is somebody´s property. And yet it may seem fair, because people have paid for those properties, we know that in the very beginning it was taken with blood, with Feudal Laws, and things like these. So, I´m not against property laws, but I know they are complicated and often unfair. The same thing (maybe worse) for the intellectual properties. The patents are oftenly made with natural resources and traditional knowledge of people from poor countries, and they don´t get any reward. Big pharmaceutical companies (among others), sell the products made on those patents at very high prices. I don´t think we should abolish property rights, but they need a huge division, and having human rights on the front of them is very necessary. Saying that they doesn´t violate human rights never, and "this is a fact", doesn´t seem like a commitment to the truth.

  • I object because property rights are an expression of the rights of the people,

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