socialisation not production

any (re)construction or engineering of individual behaviour need to be focussed on producing well=rounded social beings not merely compliant workers.

Schooling has, for too long, been about giving the learnees a more competitive edge, without concerns for what competition does to the non-winners (and of course how damaging the winners turn out to be for the rest of society



  • I think that our entire system society is based on exploitation of others in favor of self gratification. We can see that it slowly begins to develop even from early ages of pre-schooling, and as you pointed out here "without concerns for what competition does to the non-winners" perhaps we can begin with the word "concern" which for me, concern for others plays a big part in empathy, so we are talking about attaining social skills, where empathy plays a major role and is extremely lacking in society on a global scale. And if w e even mention our present day ever deteriorating education system, none of us or our kids receive any educational environment which places empathy as one of its foundation values.

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  • How about we don't try and socially engineer our utopia and simply allow people the freedom to live how they want?

    Look around you. Governments controlling things has been how history has done it, and it has always created the haves and have-nots.

    Indeed, the only place in the world that managed to stop a have, have-not thing is here in the U.S. and it was because of the freedom our founding principles provided, because of a free-market and Capitalism, and the lack of spending that provided a means with which to provide for those in need. Then the rest of the world followed suit.

    Now, the only real have-nots in our society are those that choose that direction in their lives with drugs and habits that cause them to lose what they have.

    There's nothing you can do about a person's right to choose their own path in life except to try and teach that there is a better way. Well, there is something you can do that the left has been trying to do, and that is give government the power to force people to choose paths that others think are better.

    Of course, that involves government having too much power like the rest of history, and history has already demonstrated what that leads too, something far worse than people simply being poor, but to people being on the verge of death and starvation.

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