Put your feet into the POW's shoes

I try to do my best to put my feet into the POW's shoes, one can not put everything right with the overnight and one needs to take a wise political approach.

If the POW wants to have a very loud voice it has to credible and all ideas and suggestions voiced by him should be feasible or better have firm proof the idea could work and make the world a better place.

He has to be diplomatic concerning religions and non beliefs, but not look bias about his own belief.

His view should be a pure democratic one, one citizen, one vote and be able to diplomatically address non democratic nations the need for democracy, of which promotes freedom of speech and good human rights that ever citizen of this planet deserves.

Also promote non corruption not just to corporation, governments but everybody.

Everything he promotes should be for the benefit of the world and that means every nation not just the one he was born an bred in.

Its possibly the hardest job known and everyone that whispers ideas in his ear should sit back first and try his shoes on.

This is of course my opinion based on me imaging i was in those shoes.

I am however a world citizen like any other wanting to see a peaceful and much better world.



  • You are a POW - "Person of the World". You are having your say and anyone can read it.

  • But more power is given to sensible solutions that can be seen could work. my words are but a whisper and its my opinion the POW words have to have credibility that make those that whisper real very feasible solutions into his ear a bloody loud shout. I cannot see this org having any power of changing anything with out having a credibility goal. It would make whats being done here not worthwhile where as it could be.

  • I plan to ask for a election against this soon to be world leader. we will see.

  • Very hard job and you would need a very good manifesto and we have not seen a quarterly speech by the POW yet. You would also have competition from me, lol My manifesto is mostly on show here.

  • but why would one apply for candidate ship for a post that only makes one a voice for world citizens with great solutions to the worlds problems? You would have to be non bias in your own political views. The only power is choice of good ideas guided by the factor they have to be sensible and credible. You would only be an icon a well known face.

  • This is exactly what the President of the World should be, a face for the World! Not someone with power, but someone who is the voice of every person, every plant, & every animal. A suggestive voice for every government.

  • Wouldn't it be rneershifg to see the following statement from the Miller campaign? In an attempt to help out a struggling friend I, Jonathan Miller, did suggest and advise Mark Nichols to start/ form The Bluegrass Report'. I further advised him to set up a non-profit corporation to run The Bluegrass Report .Kath stein is a personal friend and I appreciate the fact she has also tried to help our mutual friend Mark Nichols with legislation to promote the readership of the non-profit blog The Bluegrass Report . It is the right of ever citizens to free speech. A blog is a exercise of that free speech and any attempt to stop this free speech should have legislation to protect it. I thank Kath Stein for providing that the dialogue to facilitate that legislation While we all know Kath Stein, Mark Nichols and Jonathan Miller are in bed together so to speak. It is an absolute travesty when a legislator feels it is their right to decide when to show up for work and to promote legislation contrary to the majority opinion of their constituents believe. We have known for some time just how liberal and out of the main stream Kath Stein is. Any reading of the political hack of a blog put forth by Mark Nichols also reveals just how far out in left field he is also. With adviser such as Nichols advising him Jonathan Miller has ruined what appeared to be a fast track political carrer.

  • Arguing for a good leader? All with you. Credibility and competence are critical, and his sensitivity even is important.

    However, I would make one specification: namely, consider the question closely, Who is our POW?

    Whoever he is, he should be democratically elected, or else he is not a true president, but rather a ruler who merely has the democratic vote between himself and you-weren't-on-this-site. People are capable of fleeing North Korea, I imagine some do.

    If he is to be a president, he MUST accept this. Otherwise he is not even a democratically elected representative.

    If you understand my reasoning, let me know that you agree. Otherwise, let me know that you are merely saying he must be a good leader; but for the time, I am

    Withholding my vote,
    PeaceandRightsHawk (meant as inversion of War Hawk)

    forthcoming blog: rightshawk.wordpress.com
    (Visit my web site, read my profile, drop me a line; I'm here largely though not solely to meet like-minded people who think the world is stuck in the iron age for all its electronic glitz when it comes to the rights of the individual)

  • Just clarifying, the current site runner could take a backstage role, and whoever ran for election after being nominated by, say, 8 site members (or more once the site is bigger), could post personal details to their hearts' content if they wanted the position, including verifiable facts about who they are and monetary ability to produce on behalf of popular ideas on this site, maybe even contact information, but completely up to them-- meanwhile it being completely up to voters if they voted for the given individual or not. The current POW could and should run again; but if it's GlobalDemocracy, then it's global democracy, not global autocracy, and I don't know if anyone's caught onto this yet, it's hard to believe I'm the first, but what constitutes a popular idea on this site is a highly interpretable subject, between number of votes, percentage in favor, and the vast array of ideas that are pretty good by those standards (as much as over half of the ones posted receive favorable ratings, and the only one he's featured in his blog so far, alongside some other ideas that weren't from here, has 85% approval rating presently), all of which he can choose between for something that favors HIS way of thinking. Does he disagree with it? No problem, no one will ever have to know; he can just avoid posting about it, as there are so many others to choose from. But I digress....

    Basically because the dynamics of this site have a long way left to go, I am here saying elections, as someone else noted, need to be held- not necessarily just for one position; by the way, elected specialists (NOT appointed ones) I am still in favor of, with their own blogs; but when this site gains more traction, and as a supporter I'm hoping it does, I'm going to be in a separate idea post stating something similar to what's here, preferably before anything tragic happens like everyone getting it into their head that ANY SOLUTION is good enough and needs no further improvements. For that way lies stagnation; on the path of its antithesis, progress.

    - PeaceandRightsHawk again, I will not repeat the formalities, but see my profile for contact information)

  • The stupid thing is the so called "new world leader" has not once said his name or where he is from!

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