No matter what we believe, tolerance is essential to a functioning society.

To be very honest, I don't care if you're a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Satanist, a Scientologist, a Zionist, a Taoist or even a Raelian. The truth is that all religions, including Atheism (because it is essentially a religion, or rather a popular belief) teach that they are right and everybody else is wrong. And you do have every right to believe that your beliefs are correct, and that I shouldn't believe what I do. But you do not have the right, you never have the right, to tell me that my personal beliefs are wrong. As a society I think the world should grow up. You can tell me about your religion if I'm interested (I will often invite Mormons boys to sit and talk about religion when they knock on my door, though not always), but not damn me to death just because I don't believe what you believe.

No matter what our religions teach, we need to tolerate and accept the fact that not everybody has the same beliefs. Not just for religion either. We can have lively, intelligent debates about the subject if both parties are willing, because no doubt competition is a very important part of human culture. But I really wouldn't like a 72 year old man standing at the street corner stuffing a brochure in my hand and he murmurs 'Join or be damned for eternity' every time I walk past.

I think I may have rambled.

Thoughts? Discuss, vote, do what the people of the Global Democracy do best.



  • I object because the problem with 'believers' is that they are hell bent on promotion. The noise is just unproductive to the majority that believe in the common good... often confused with atheism.

  • Zionist isn't a religion.

  • You're quite right. I have no right to tell you when you're wrong. But I shall do so anyway!
    Not all religions teach that others are wrong. In fact very few of them do. Taoism doesn't, Hinduism doesn't, Satanism doesn't, in fact Satanism is quite opposed to forcing your beliefs on others, Buddhism doesn't, and the many thousands of Pagan style faiths do not.

    Perhaps if we keep lumping them in with each other, they will merge into one mega conglomerate and we will no longer have to distinguish between them. What a waste of brain power!

  • I do not think that religion should not be promoted nor atheism by the POW. There are 1000 plus religions and non believes in this world and to be listened to by everyone the POW should steer clear.

  • Babelfish mate, you don't have to be quite so focused on the end product!

  • The idea is good, but the problem is that there are some cases (when human rights are being violated) when we can not simply stand by. If we accept that, then we need a definition for Human Rights Violation. We still can't agree to what it means, so it will be difficult to do anything like what you propose.
    Still, good idea.

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