Ignoring Space

For a very long time now mankind has looked up to the stars and wondered what it up there? Now we know but the governments choose to almost ignore it.

Sure we had the 60's were we advanced in HUGE leaps and bounds in technology and understanding of space and we landed on the moon at the end and all from an idea around 20 years ago were we hadn't even launched our first probe yet.

But then the governments began to look at the bill of that last 20 years decided that it was to much of a dent in their profits to continue at this pace so the Apollo missions were scraped.

So then we went to war with each other which probably cost more than TRIPLED the space program and yet they continued the slaughter. During the space years only i believe it was 9 people died and every single one was gasped at and was mourned for but the Vietnamese war killed Thousands of people BILLIONS of dollars and damage that we are still feeling TODAY.

Then we built the international space station and that cost around probably 100 billion dollars worldwide and 11 people died when a shuttle blew up in orbit and we all mourned and cried. The the war on terror began between religions and nations and that is still going on today with people still dying and money still being gushed by the monster that is war and so we all decide that because of that to save money we scrape the space mission so more money could go to war.

My idea is if we decide to set aside your religions and beliefs and grudges for ONE DECADE i believe that we could have flown over a century ahead of the technology of space exploration and science than we have to day if we continued down this sad and destructive path.

By then i believe we would have solved many of our problems like global warming, population and planetary settlement. For the good of all not just those with most nukes or money or population.



  • Your talking about the USA, not noting international news, other nations have not neglected space exploration and in fact nor has USA, its down sized and had too because of national debt. Anyway originally the space race was a military endeavor, as space seemed like a place that missiles could be fired from by an opposing super power. Its now become a scientific endeavor open to nations and businesses. Its a very expensive thing but as IT improves it will become cost effective, no one has forgot space. I do believe the POW should promote space technology and exploration.

  • There are hundreds of scientists, nay, THOUSANDS of scientists devoting their life's work to discover and develop exciting new ways of not only traversing the great void that space is, but making a home for ourselves in it. Theories involving FTL travel such as 'bending' space-time or theoretical wormholes for instance. The Biosphere projects had a main goal of basically creating a bubble of hospitable earth in an inhospitable environment. Such a plan could be implemented on Mars for instance. New experiments with artificial gravity.

    In short, space is far from ignored.

  • I object because the Earth is not going to remain habitable forever...

  • ok? and how do you propose we alter the minds of so many? Impractical.

  • I object because ok? and how do you propose we alter the minds of so many? Impractical.

  • they dont egnor it they know what is going on in outer space and even in our own world look up the dover airport it explainse in some sence

  • The Costs aren't that much. Mars Direct a plan for landing humans on the Moon and Mars and building colonies there would cost only $20 billion (1% of world military spending). The Cost of the world SETI program is $6 million (0.01% of world military spending). We have the money we need the will.

  • I agree, we are still in spaceflights infancy, but the aims of it all seems quite vague and hard to get excited about.

  • Space programs are funded because of the need to develop defense technologies.

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