Everyone is entitled to bodily integrity, to protection of their own body from injury by another without their consent.

The obvious problem is that infants are not capable of giving consent, and experts argue that the procedure becomes problematic once they're old enough to decide.

This is mainly because very few adults will willingly elect to have this procedure done and of those who have many have regrets.

For this reason it is preferred to do it to tiny helpless baby’s who cannot give consent.

What it really does is affect the persons brain and give them psycological issues which last a lifetime.

Its not just a snip of skin, its a very sensitive piece of tissue which is deeply connected to the brain and a great part of lovemaking and intimacy is affected.

No Adult should have the right to do this to a baby.q

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  • I object because I think until “your child” can make decisions for themselves then it should be the parents right to make decisions for them, as long as they are not harmful or detrimental to the child’s wellbeing.
    I’ve had no issue at all with being circumcised. I’ve only ever heard of issues with kids that haven’t been circumcised. Not that I’m actively surveying this issue, just what I know from conversations over the years. I don’t care if people are for or against it as long as they don’t try to preach one is better than the other. You get different answers from different people and you just have to accept that as fact. Not right or wrong.

  • I might add that later in life is too late....mentally could be an issue.
    I don’t know what to make of the photos.... looks like a clean cut but on someone a lot older than a newborn.

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