TRULY eliminate rascism

I have noticed a trend that has been forming for a long time; first there is oppression (denial of human rights, abuse, murder), that is then followed by a justified revolt for equality, which is then followed by a gross notion of superiority. it has happened with many cultures, races, genders, you name it. To get straight to the chase, i'm sick and tired of being forced to be politically correct while so many cultures slander mine publicly and maliciously many actually making a career out of it. I am a White male, i have been raised since birth to feel guilty about atrocities i would never commit myself, this needs to stop. It should not be okay to slander ANY race, ethnicity, religious belief, or heritage.

I suggest we disallow the racially derogatory remarks that are allowed about any race. These inspirational movements strived for equality, i only suggest we return to equality.



  • sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. If people respond to racist remarks in a manner of annoyance, then the instigator will do it all the more. Just laugh at the fools that cause racist comments. They will grow up eventually.

  • Promoting non racialism is of course should an important task for the POW, however he can not stop it but certainly promote loudly to governments and world citizens.

  • I object because it is impossible to truly eliminate racism. It should certainly not be okay to slander any race, ethnicity, religious belief, or heritage, but you cannot remove somebody's right to have an opinion, even if it is biased, ancient and hateful.

  • I object because this is not freedom. This is oppression of expression. While I agree with the sentiment, obviously, I don't believe it is any one person or group's right to tell anyone else how or what to think or say. Teach by example, not censorship and oppression.

  • in truth i wasn't referencing censorship or oppression, really the freedom of speech is what i was hoping for, and at the risk of possibly offending someone, like i said i'm a white 26 y/o male...if i one TENTH indian in me i could get a full ride scholarship to college, or if i were black i'd have my own channel month and organization dedicated to bettering my i'm not saying i want anything special because i'm white, but you have to admit the scales are tipped.

  • I object because there's no idea here, just an altruistic notion that things aren't fair and should be better.

  • Hm. It is not possible to eliminate ANYTHING if it is or was part of the human culture. The big question is how to deal with problems that cannot we eliminated. One impressing sentence I read was that there is a racist in everyone. It's because identification, group-forming, separation is a part of our intrinsic behaviour. So we have to learn to fight against this behaviour. Therefore we need better education, for example, less influence of separating organisations on children and so on...
    Because it's an absolutely unpractical and unrealistic wish I vote "No".

  • I object because people have a right to their opinion. And I am a black woman.

  • I disagreed because I'm ambivalent about this subject. The best way to remove racism is to simply ignore it and stop talking about it. Once racism stops being a thing, it really stops becoming an issue and it stops appearing. It's a slow process but it works. The same thing has happened with women's rights, the issue has gradually reduced over time and now most people don't particularly care, except that it's expected for women to be equal.

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