We the people...

What used to be "the people of the United states." Has drastically changed we no longer have a say in anything. Its become a money laundering cesspool now to only the rich and popular. I would like to see an equal equal equality instead of an equality difference based on money. See we no longer are heard the rich think they run everything perfectly. They tax the working man, major company's out the little man by any means. The poor get further and further in debt. How does someone given all the opportunity. When there constantly putting there feet on the head of people already drowning. They don't know what it's like to be a poor. As long as agenda is made for the wealthiest of all. Do our votes really count? I hardly believe they do anymore. The poor get poorer, homless numbers on rise, there's jobless men and women, and minimum wage doesn't pay anything. We the people pay for government funds, state funds, budgets and 6 figure incomes that keep poverty stricken people, brankrupt. I'd like to see a government built around the people. Where money doesn't make you more better then anyone. Or the only silent voice is never heard. What if there was no world leaders and rule over each other didnt exist.



  • What is the idea? Is it a new type of democracy? Is it a change to the kind of rules allowed within our current democracy? Is it a greater distribution of wealth or influence?

    Is it a rethink of capitalism? Is it a separation from our economic system (capitalism) and our political system (democracy)? These two have become intertwined, due to the ability to gain power by controlling both. Capitalism attempts to control democracy for their benefit, democracy tries to steer capitalism to its benefit.

    There are economic systems that influence political systems differently to the way capitalism influences democracy. There is more than one way of manifesting a capitalist society, and more than one way of creating a democracy. Many of which support the "little guy".

    So while I think there is a strong pain point demonstrated here, I'm not quite sure what the idea is.

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