Is there a God?

Is there a God?

Ok, so the whole notion of God has been in decline in western society for the past 50 years. There’s just no evidence for God, right?

Not that many of us self-identify as ‘atheist’. Mostly, we are just, well, learning to accept the evidence.

Very recently, however, new evidence has come along that our god-fearing ascendants just might have been right all along.

“What evidence????”

Well, there are two new areas of evidence:

The first is This is a website. It is a website founded by a doctor and lawyer pair from Louisiana, in the United States, and essentially it is a repository for the accumulation of stories from people all over the world who have had a near death experience (NDE). There are now thousands of them. People of different countries, cultures, races and religions. Many of the NDE stories are from atheists.

We have all heard of NDE’s, right? The out of body experience that some people report having, around the time they are pronounced dead. Or, at least, when they are thought to be ‘clinically dead’, as a result of some trauma or another.

Well, nderf brings all these stories, from all around the world, to the one place. Reading them is a very interesting way to spend some time. If you do, you will see something quite amazing. The commonality of the experience. Seriously. Across borders, languages and cultures.

The separation from the body; the glimpse of the new and different realm; the heading towards that realm; the light or tunnel; the feeling of being embraced; lack of fear; lack of pain; a sense of wholeness; a sense of connectedness; then the denial - the requirement or direction to return to the body. Invariably, they say that the realm they experienced fails to translate to anything we know in this life. That it transcends adequate description. And that the experience is real to the person and clear in quality, not dreamlike.

Before the internet, of course, we had heard of these stories. But maybe only one or two. Anecdotes through someone we know, or maybe a newspaper article, or perhaps even a book citing a number of examples.

But this is different. Now we have a massive collection of stories from all over the world, all in one place. A warehouse of stories of thousands of people who have ‘glimpsed the afterlife’ (not forgetting these people wouldn’t even know each other). Could it not be a portal into the afterlife itself?

There is no risk if you choose to ignore it. According to histories chronicled: (a) strangely, the experience rarely impacts the subsequent lives of those who have had it; and (b) atheism appears to have no bearing on whether one can experience an NDE.

But if you do care to have a little read, well…draw your own conclusion!

But wait! There is more.

So, what is the second new area of evidence? Well I say it is the whole bunch of new ‘discoveries’ in quantum physics. They could be more accurately described as theories that have been around for a while, but which are just now becoming mainstream:

1. There are likely other dimensions we cannot perceive,

2. Particles pop into and out of existence,

3. Some particles stay entangled with others albeit they are many miles away,

4. What happens to one entangled particle can constitute information that can affect its partner particle instantaneously - even if the partner particle is on the other side of the universe.

We and what happens in the world are not confined by the speed of light at all. Who is to say this excludes information passing from one dimension to another?


Before these two developments – the NDE warehouse, and recent quantum revelations - perhaps people were entitled to be determinist. Even materialist, atheist, nihilist and defeatist. All the arrows pointed to those being fair ways to think.

They still are. But now, it is also perfectly fair to conclude there could be another realm or realms, and it is far from absurd to think we may interact with it or them.



  • Is "faith" not the belief in the existence of something that is not fully fathomed or known? I simply say, if you look at all of creation, there are too many 'coincidences' pointing to an intelligent design to suggest that we just 'happened' to evolve into what and who we are today. Yes we continue to discover scientifically about our world around us. This is wonderful, but we will always have questions about things beyond our understanding. If we believe in the big bang for example. How did it begin? What set those events in motion? And when we learn, if we learn what caused that 'beginning', will we not ask questions about what caused those events to begin as well? So where did all this start? It is difficult to believe that we simply just 'are'. There are too many minute coincidences that allow us to exist. Yet, for some it is simply too hard to believe that someone or some God/god created this all. So which is it?
    Lovely to ponder isn't it?

  • God is an energy field. I bet that frowned an eyebrow! We can perfectly trick our brain to think we have our god experience. All you need is to wear a helmet retrofitted with electromagnetic field-emitting solenoids on the sides, aimed directly at your temples. Flip a switch that emits the right wavelength patterns (as harmless as a blow dryer). What happens is you get artificially the inducing sensation that you are seeing god. Only shows that its all just in our mind. Wanna read more on this? keywords are "god helmet".

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