Ban plastic packaging materials

Ban all plastic packaging materials since plastics pollutes the earth oceans and are not degradable. Plastic waste ends up in the earths oceans, fish then eat the plastic garbage and then humans eat the fish.

Plastic contains weak estrogen hormones so by eating fish that ate plastic we eat estrogen leading to human fertility issues. For more information see Bisphenol A

Further plastic contaminates the earths water supplies. 83% of water samples globally are contaminated by plastic. Again plastics contains hormone disturbing substances and other toxins. Micro plastic found in water article



  • I’ve noticed that the tissue boxes we have always bought have had the plastic sleeve on the inside removed. That was a good move and makes no difference to us

  • Many governments - though not enough yet - are already on board with this. It can't happen overnight, sadly, but with public support, the urgency of this is starting to sink in around the planet. Netherlands based "Ocean Cleanup" is but one organisation that is developing effective and efficient techniques to start clearing the plastics and other garbage from the seas.

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