S-plates for senior drivers

In the same way in Australia there are L-plates for learner drivers and P-plates for probationary drivers. There should be S-plates for senior drivers (say, drivers over 80 years of age).


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  • I am curious, why is this needed? Can you not look into the vehicle to see that the person driving is an elder? Can we not give them a bit more grace, space and patience if needed? If you have asked in response to those elders that really should not be driving, then maybe we should be taking a look at their ability to react appropriately when driving before they get a license. I am not certain that making a special plate to identify them is necessary. Where does that stop? What next? Teens? People with x number of speeding tickets? Do we all need to know these things? Do we all need 'special' plates? I simply wish people would be more courteous when driving! Thanks for the question!

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