Tribalism - Don't ignore it

The recent flight - in many western countries, at least - away from globalization, and towards nationalism, is only natural.

<br />Faced with large volumes of immigration, often supplemented by huge overseas work visa populations, people in many countries are feeling under siege. Their national identities are being threatened. Being a tribal species, this is scary.

<br />But because racial discrimination is distasteful, nationalism often dresses itself up as being driven by trade or security threats.

<br />Come clean! Its all about migration!

<br />Lets face it. Tribalism is a natural survival instinct in humans, and on top of that it is drummed into us from childhood. National anthems, footy teams, mateship..

<br />Until the whole patriotism thing tones down, sometime in the next generation or two, changes, we should just accept we will have fears, born of both nature and nurture, about losing our identity through migration.

<br />Once we understand this, we will realize our countries just need to keep immigration numbers modest, for now, for social cohesion. And once we do this, we can then deal with important international political, trade and security issues on their merits.

Refugee intake need not be affected by such policy that otherwise appeases our tribal natures.


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